Auto Transport: Hiring a Professional Driver vs. Hiring a Professional Auto Shipper

Auto Transport: Hiring a Professional Driver vs. Hiring a Professional Auto Shipper

Moving makes everyone sulk. It gets complicated, especially where you are crisscrossing the country. Nonetheless, if you have a big move coming up in a few weeks’ time, you must choose a shipping option for your car. You could drive yourself to the new location, hire a driver or engage the services of a professional auto shipper.



Which is your best option? We review professional drivers vs. auto shippers together with factors that will best inform your decision.

Professional driver services

A professional driver comes with the following advantages:

  1. You can ride in the car with them: Riding in your car while someone else drives is a refreshing experience. While at it, you could indulge in an activity that you like just to pass time. Read a good book; listen to music on your headphones or browsing the web is just a few examples.
  2. The service allows you to pack belongings in your car: This perk can be helpful since they allow pets too. With a dog or cat to bring along, having it ride in your car is an added advantage. Your pet will feel comfortable since it is in familiar territory. Also, some of your precious items can go into your car leaving the bigger boxes to come in a truck.
  3. Both the driver and the trip are fully insured: Drivers for hire take the trouble to protect themselves together with their work. In case of problems along the way, you have the guarantee of getting compensated.

You could also outsource the services of a freelance driver. Such drivers are available on recommendation and they offer their services at a reasonable fee.

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Professional auto shipper

Auto shippers provide mass transportation services. Here is how you stand to benefit from the service:

  • You tap into a pool of professionals: Car shipping firms employ qualified drivers. Their highly trained personnel are capable of handling different types of cars. Look at it this way, if your sink has a leak you look for a plumber. Auto shippers load your car into a carrier using specialized equipment. They then deliver the vehicle to a specified destination.
  • The shipper guarantees safety of your vehicle: Keeping your vehicle safe is always a priority hence the more reason to use shipping services. Driving through unfamiliar terrain coupled with adverse weather conditions can result in damages to your car. Auto shippers take away this worry from you.
  • It saves you time: A designated driver picks the vehicle from your home and delivers it to your new place. On your part, you can use the time you could have spent driving to fly to your new employer’s town. Better still, you get enough time to hand over and get to the new office feeling fresh.

No matter the reason for relocating, there are many things to do while transitioning. When moving your car, professional drivers or auto shipping companies afford you convenience, save time and provide safe delivery of the consignment.

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