How To Ship Your Audi 80.

The Audi 80 saw up to 30 years of production, though as different successive models, having succeeded the Audi F103. It was first part of the F103 series from 1966 to 1969. Audi 80 (B1) is its first 2-door sedan version produced from 1972-1978, followed by B2 (1978-1986), B3 (1986-1991) and B4 (1991-1996).

The car had sedan and wagon versions, with different types of both petrol and diesel engines. The B4 was discontinued in 1996 and was replaced by the Audi A4.

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We are a car transport company with many years of experience in the business. We have the right human and material resources required to handle the movement of your vehicle. With a team of highly qualified professionals in the shipping industry, and a network of shipping agents and customs brokers in different parts of the world, we are able to handle every part of the transaction and documentation.

About Our Services.

We offer door to door delivery of vehicles. This is more convenient for our clients, as they can have their vehicle dropped off just at their door step. We handle both domestic and international delivery. This means we are able to deliver from state to state and even coast to coast. Our shipping options also include both open and enclosed carriers. When you choose the open carrier option, you will pay less. However, your vehicle will be exposed to weather elements and the risk of being hit by an object that flies into the path of the carrier. The other one guarantees more protection and it is more expensive.

Shipment protection is available, and this means that the vehicle will be insured. With this, you can have peace, knowing that the safety and security of your vehicle is guaranteed.

You can always reach us with your questions and inquiries, and expect prompt response. More so, when shipping your car, we offer real time information on the progress of your car.

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We are affordable, and we offer very competitive prices irrespective of where you are shipping to.

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You can get our instant online quote for your car shipping. It is free and will only require you to supply necessary information about the shipment. Note that it is important to fill in the right information so that you will also get the right quote.

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