How To Ship Your Apollo

The Apollo was one of the most magnificent sports cars to ever come out of California. Today, owning one is as a difficult as it is a privilege. Having gone through the hustle of purchasing one of these gems, shipping it home becomes the next point on the agenda. Here are some important factors to consider before shipping a vehicle home.

It is important to understand that like it or not, one will likely have to deal with brokers at some point. A lot of the shipping that happens goes through brokers, so it is important to know exactly who is handling the vehicle. The broker will only look for the business and resell it to the actual carriers, who will be the people doing the actual moving. Make sure your point of contact with the auto transport company is someone involved directly with the actual shipping of the car, and not someone looking to outsource your business. Our company works directly with the client, and while there might be brokers in the business, some of whom do not necessarily offer poor service, we prefer to be in direct contact with the paying customer rather than use the middle man.

Cost of Shipping

For most people, cost will be the very first criteria they use when looking for a car transport partner. Cheap is good, but it is not always the best. Listen to quotations from various companies and choose the one that offers the highest value for money, and not necessarily the one whose rates are the lowest. Be wary of companies that offer unnecessarily low rates. One might end up paying much more than they planned.

Pre-shipping advice should be part and parcel of every shipping operation. Apart from the regulars, mostly dealership owners, many clients will be shipping for the first time, a likely one time deal. While many in the industry might be tempted to take advantage of this, our company prides itself in providing as much information as possible to the client.


For instance, we make sure we go through every aspect of the contract with the client, the bill of lading and the insurance details before making a final commitment. We also generally advise our clients on ways to which they can cut costs. For instance, generally, the higher the weight of one’s car, the higher the cost of shipping it cross country or overseas. We advise our clients not weigh the vehicle down with too much personal luggage.

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Personal luggage

In fact, in many instances, we advise them to rid the vehicle completely of personal luggage. Car shipping companies can be fined if they are found to be ferrying certain types of items or over a certain weight limit. We might also advise clients to remove can accessories like spoilers, which add onto the weight and size of the vehicle.

Whenever we handle clients, we make sure we;

  • Provide them with tracking details to keep track of their vehicles
  • Show them details of insurance coverage
  • Answer their questions comprehensively and on time before, during and after the shipment

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