Antique Collector Car Shipping to UAE

Antique Collector Car Shipping to UAE

Whenever you need to ship off an antique car internationally, you must hire professionals with experience in the transport of such valuable vehicles. Shipping an antique car takes careful attention to detail and the proper transport equipment. This is only available to you through a reliable shipping company such as A1 Auto Transport.



When you ship an antique vehicle overseas, it must meet the stipulations of the other nation. Export and import laws must always be abided by. Of course, for an inexperienced individual, this would be difficult, but when you hire specialists in the auto industry with a history in international car shipping, you’ll be able to rest assured you’re in good hands.

The Best Method for Shipping an Antique Car Overseas

Without a doubt, the absolute safest and most cost efficient way to ship your antique car is through enclosed shipping methods offered by a licensed transporter with overseas experience. This shipping method protects the car during its travels from the likelihood of being damaged by poor weather and strong sea waters which could easily harm its exterior.

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When you choose an enclosed transport service, the antique car is placed within a shipping container where it is secured. The walls of the shipping container shield the vehicle and any other belongings you may have shipped with the antique car.

Get the Antique Car in its Best Shape for the UAE

  • The exterior of the antique vehicle must be completely washed clean. The inside must also be cleaned and left empty with the exception of floor mats, a spare tire and a car jack.
  • Take out any items in the vehicle that weren’t originally a part of the antique when it was manufactured. If you do not wish to remove such items, consult with the transport company.
  • Most transporters will offer services for customized vehicles at a slightly higher shipping rate.
  • Disable the alarm system if applicable and remove the battery.
  • Check all fluids and top them off. The fuel tank should be the only liquid that reads less than ¼ full.
  • Add air to the tires to ensure they aren’t leaking and can be driven on when the car arrives to port.
  • Document all damages already existing on the vehicle. Take pictures of the exterior and interior to use as reference after the shipping process has concluded.

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