How To Ship Your Ajax.

It might seem like a simple straightforward process, but car shipping is quite a big deal. Placing that prized Ajax in someone else’s hands, even for a few days and expecting it in good condition at the other end is a daunting task. Car shipment is often made complex by the fact that there is often something else going on when the company is hired.

You could be relocating for a new job, moving to a new city with the family or buying that vintage car of your dreams. This is why choosing the right car transportation company is often a big deal.

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Differentiating between the companies.

The basics of auto transport are the same, whether for domestic or international transport. The car is moved from one point to another. However, that is generally where all the similarities end. From this point on, every company will have its own list of advantages and likely disadvantages which one must know if they are looking to choose a reliable auto transport company. A definition of basic terms is therefore required at this point. In general, there are two types of individuals involved in the car shipping industry, brokers and carriers. The job of the broker is to look for the business, and connect the individual looking to ship their car with the carrier. The carrier, on the other hand, is the actual person or company that will be involved in the transportation of the vehicle from point A to B.

Another important aspect of the business to understand is the delivery and pickup process. There are two options, terminal based and door-to-door. In terminal based systems, the vehicle is delivered to a terminal, where it is then loaded and transported to another terminal at or near the destination, from where the owner will pick it up again. Door-to-door systems are where the vehicle is picked from home, work or any pre-arranged location, and delivered to another destination. Door-to-door prices are often higher, but it is a more reliable pick-up and delivery system. However, for those looking to cut costs and have the means to pick the vehicle up and deliver it at both ends, terminal based systems are ideal.

Another point of contrast in the industry has to do with the nature of the actual carriers, the trucks that transport vehicles from one place to the next. Basically, they come in two varieties, open and enclosed. Open trucks are those that expose the vehicle to the elements, while enclosed trucks are completely covered. Typically, the enclosed are more expensive, sometimes by up to 60 per cent. However, they are ideal for the more expensive luxury vehicles and the vintage classics which might get easily damaged with open transportation.

Auto transport can also be roughly divided into local and overseas shipment. Domestic shipments happen locally, interstate or from coast to coast. Shipping companies offer several choices like rail, road and air transport. For overseas shipment, the options are always between freight and air shipment. Air shipping is more expensive, but definitely the fastest and most exclusive.

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