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Submitted by Dennis Castro
on 02/27/18

After High School, every student plans out where they would love to attend school.  Luckily for some, school is near home so transitioning over to college life won’t be difficult since parents or guardians are close.  However, many students move out of the country and travel the world to follow their careers.  This transition may seem impossible for those dependants on a family.  There are many ways to prepare for this huge change of lifestyle from passports, international car shipping, residency/location, going on a flight, and even finding a job.

While traveling the world to study abroad, students should make sure to get a visa or passport before heading out to most place globally require either one.  Time should be taken into account as well since passports take anywhere from 5-8 weeks to arrive, and missing a flight definitely wouldn’t be a very good start to an international trip.  Depending on where the student travels to, they must keep in mind the time frame of their visit by the country.  For example, Japan allows people with a visa to enter the country for approximately ninety days, but must then further their extension through residency cards for a longer stay.  All of this can be very complicated for beginners to traveling so a handy tip is to contact the country’s embassy for any questions on receiving whatever is required.  

Next, a very important question that every student keeps in mind before leaving off to another country to study abroad is if there is any way to transport their vehicles overseas and what are the rules.  Various countries have an excellent system of transportation such as Japan, Switzerland, and United Arab Emirates.  However, some countries may have different policies that don’t provide excellent service.  Different countries have different regulations so it may be a lot of paperwork, but a person transporting their car abroad should never feel too overwhelmed.  There are countless ways to transport any vehicle through methods such as ro/ro, container, and an air flight.  Ro/Ro is when the vehicle is transported onto a ship and sent overseas alongside with hundreds of other ships which is helpful especially for students since its more cost effective.  The container method is just like Ro/Ro, but it adds more protection to natural weather for a greater price usually for those with luxury cars.  Lastly, air freight is the when cars are transported overseas on an airplane.  Usually, this option is the least cost-efficient, but it helps those trying to transport their luxury cars in a small time span that will guarantee a safe transportation.

For students studying abroad who need a stable location to stay at need permanent residency to guarantee a safe home/apartment to sleep at night.  Countries have different policies when it comes to residency such as a requirement to buy land for a permanent residence or that may even limit an immigrant to only a monthly tourist plan.  If someone is planning to purchase residency at another country, it is important to make sure not to overspend on becoming a resident because there are also monthly incomes that must be paid towards the country.  While these are some of the easier methods, other countries have different policies plans such as the US, Switzerland, Germany, and Japan that require either a confirmed job that adds to the government’s plan or living within the country for anywhere from 5-10 years for a resident card.  Even though this may sound like a lot of work, but with a permanent residence card will help the resident with health benefits and qualify them for signing up at special schools or jobs.

Now it comes to the harder part which is going on a flight.  Since getting on the plane is usually the main reliable and quick way of transportation other than through ocean or car, learning how to get on a flight is a necessity.  When flying on a plane, there should be no worries of dangers since its highly secured to prevent any terrorism.  Knowing this, the only thing a tourist should worry about is knowing how to get around a new country and how their airports work.  As someone arrives at an airport, make sure to keep an extra battery for cellular devices since baggage checks, security and custom may take awhile if the airport is busy.  It is also important to know that when traveling overseas, to follow the immigration line to answer questions by customs.  Make sure to behave appropriately or else customs will feel threatened.  Lastly, it’s important to get your luggage and to follow the guidelines for legal goods of that country.  After all of this is completed, the best way to complete a successful travel is either renting a car or calling a taxi to get to the final destination.  However, a college student will most likely need to find a less expensive method of traveling around the country either by a bike, skateboard, subway or just simply walking.  Traveling across to a new country for the first time alone will always be confusing, but if you search for the right information, you can rest assured that everything will go as planned.

Finally, to complete a study abroad successfully is to find a job that’ll help pay expenses.  Finding a nearby job at a restaurant as a cashier or waiter can be an easy job to get accustomed to and get to learn how to speak to new people with their native language, thus leading to a significant growth in getting to know the country culturally.  Most countries that are not English speaking also offer countless English teacher jobs to American students which can help those who are a bit afraid of a new environment because they’ll at least feel comfortable speaking English giving them a sense of confidence and a little cash which is a perfect scenario.

Overall, these are some great tips for college students who need to study internationally but are not sure how to being.  Following this will make a trip go as smoothly as possible, which helps make traveling fun and easy.

Submitted by Dennis Castro
on 02/27/18

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