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Submitted by Leonard Habineza on 06/16/17


I thank A-1 Auto Transport Company for outstanding services in auto shipping. Your site was very interesting and well designed. Since 2010 I began visiting your site, I have gained a deeper knowledge regarding the modern business world.  Your prices are affordable. I recommend current and future entrepreneurs and businessman to engage with Auto Transport Company for success and put all their efforts into its services.

I was greatly attracted by your scholarship program (A-1 Auto transport scholarship) for the students, which have to positively affect the lives of millions of men and women in the countries all over the world. It provide existing site visitors with the facility to build a personal wishlist which they forward themselves to their own contacts, and which in turn attracts new visitors to the site. Some companies overlook this matter, sales and/or the goodwill of their visitors can very be lost.

A-1Auto Transport Company is ideal.   


A-1Auto Transport Company wins fame all over the world about:

-its Philosophy: Efficiency, Communication, and Sustainability

-its methods of delivery and auto transport options

-its Environment protections program


-It explains how A-1 Auto transport company is one of the biggest US based auto shippers which provide worldwide shipping and have offices, storage facilities available in most of the main cities and metro areas throughout the US and overseas.

-It explains how A-1 Auto transport company specialize in many different kinds of auto transport, boat transport and RV transport.It can also accommodate corporate and business moves at the lowest prices for the highest quality services available on the market today.

-It provides a medium whereby visitors can obtain information about-and perhaps order- goods and services from comfort of their own homes or workplaces very quickly, easily and at relatively low cost. This is clearly very convenient for customers who might otherwise have to physically visit or travel to company store in person, because their order can be placed at home or at work, or whilst traveling-in fact anywhere there is WIFI(short for Wireless Fidelity) access which allows an electronic device(such as a PC or Personal Computer, Video game Console, Smart phone, Tablet, or Digital audio player)to exchange data wirelessly over a computer network.

-It offers the facility for visitors to download and print items of information or an order form, and this is especially useful for people who do not like or who do not want to read text on screen, and prefer to read it in printed format at their leisure.

-Excessive use of large animations and image are best AVOIDED because they tend to make site heavy and complex. Such sites take too long to load, and most people simply will not wait for all the images to open up on their screens, they quickly lose interest. It has been proven that more people are attracted to simply built and more easily accessible websites than to overly- complicated, hard-to-access websites.

Due to the factors mentioned above, the A-1Auto transport company’s Site    is nowadays the main or a major site of choice for many business all over the world, because it is open 24 / 7(24 hours a day, seven days a week).


ESSAY/ARTICLE is a short piece of writing giving someone’s ideas about Business, politics, society etc)

By definition; if necessary you are advised for four reasons as following:


The English words used on Site consisting of unusual expressions and abbreviation, which ordinary people frequently found difficult to understand.    If it is not always possible to avoid using some words, phrases, and idioms might be technical terms but you are advised to write in easy to understanding English. The meaning of any uncommon words, with you might not be familiar, are full explained by experts, so you should not encounter any problems in your business activities. Remember the Site visitors are busy people and simply do not have time available in which to decipher difficult to read or to interpret English of a high standard.

By doing so, the visitors should be able to read easily and enjoyably, and master the contents of transportation services page in relatively short period of time and then place order with confidence.

Today in business, clarity of communications is absolutely essential the recipients of messages must understand exactly what information the senders of those messages intended to convey – a misunderstood message or one which is misinterpreted can have serious- and perhaps costly-consequences.

For example: If an order for car placed with A-1 Auto transport company is misunderstood too much or too little might be supplied or the delivery might be made too early or too late-or might not be made at all! In consequence, the operation of an auto transport itself or those of one of its customers might be seriously hampered, delays and loss of sales might ensue, resulting in reduced profits, and so on.


Some of people visiting this site do not have sufficient- or any-knowledge         or information or understanding financial transactions conducted online,            t is necessary to built into them the latest security protocols to ensure that their details of financial transactions, such as credit or debit card details are safe and secure from viruses and hackers to prevent theft and damages of data and less of money.



A-1 Auto transport as a company seeking to expand its business activities all over the world is advised to create sponsorship program with African countries televisions and/or radio programs to combine useful content with advertising. Spectators at the appropriate events might be persuaded to-and able to-use the advertised service and/or product at once.




A-1 Auto transport as a company seeking to expand its business activities all over the world;  it has to open an Advertising Agency from the part of Africa South of the Sahara desert, especially in East African Community (East African Community is an economic grouping of six East African Countries of KENYA, TANZANIA, UGANDA, RWANDA, BURUNDI and South SOUDAN)

In this region there is often lack of sufficient information and technology about the goods or services available, their prices, quality etc and this therefore makes international trade problematic

At times there are no proper transport routes between countries and costs of moving goods from one country to another may be very high.

Problems in language are also seen when products manuals come in a foreign language not understood by users in the importing country.

Convenient means for the buyer to pay the seller when both have different national currencies is also a problem.

Differences in standards of measurement may also be a problem. For example,                     a person from a country that uses a metre as a standard for measuring cloth will find problems when exporting to a country that uses the yard.

In this area some group of people have different motive, attitude, opinions and viewpoints, the internet technology cannot keep pace, also Advertising Agency can often play important roles, to attract favourable attention of clients to the services and /or products on sale.



-This Agency will promote A-1 Auto Company’s image to public, especially African’s people.

-It will seek to change African’s people negative attitude to at least an acceptance of – if not to positive sympathy with- the company’s point of view, services as appropriate.

-It will become thoroughly familiar with the customers/clients by which he or she is employed.

-It will be able to establish lines of communication and technology between customers and company.

-It will be in the position to provide customers with advice on day to day basis

-It will represent the company (A-1Auto transport) at continental trade unions or other interest group meetings.


No matter where in the world you are – YOU can succeed with Auto transport

Whatever your education or work experience,

Whatever your entrepreneurial or business activities,

Wherever in the world you live, and

However high your ambitions may be,

A-1Auto transport offers you superb services, as flowing;

-Door To Door, Pickup Dropoff



-International Motorcycle

-Classic & Antique Cars

-RVs & Motor Homes

-Military & Armed Forces

-All Terrain Vehicles / ATVs

-Boats & Yachts

-Freight Shipping

-Luxury Vehicles

Additionally: A-1 Auto transport Scholarship

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