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Auto Shipping Terminology

The complete guide to auto shipping terminology If you’ve ever been confused about a term your broker or carrier used, you’ll likely find an answer in the list below. The list is ordered alphabetically. However, since some multi-word terms can be spe...

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Exotic Cars: Bugatti and Ferrari 2020 Model Comparison

The word “exotic” can mean many things to many different people. From a luxurious beach tucked away in a lush forest, to the sleek cars that race down the road with bright colors and smooth lines, exotic has its own meaning. There are character trait...

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Is It Worth Shipping A Car?

Let’s say you need to look into auto transport companies to ship your vehicle. You mention it to a buddy and they ask: ‘why not sell the car, and just by another one?’ Or, why not drive it yourself? These are fair questions, and many people genuinely...

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Is The Future Focused On Electric Auto Transport Carriers?

Today, less than one percent of fleet vehicles run on by electricity, but that is rapidly changing, with the total expected to reach 12 percent in the next ten years, according to a survey reported in Greenfleet Magazine in December. Interest in zero...

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2018-2019 USA Transportation Statistics

The Geospatial Data Act and the foundations for a policy making Act based on evidence are among the newest laws regarding the transport industry of the United States.  The relevance of BTS programs is underlined by federal statutes created in the yea...

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Freight Shipping Methods in the United States

Every day, millions of items get shipped across the United States. These can be cargo going state-to-state or being exported to another country. The options are almost endless when it comes to getting items to consumers all over the world. Different...

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Can I import my car to Germany?

There are many variables involved in sending a car from the US to Germany. It’s certainly feasible, but may or may not be worth it, depending on your goals and circumstances. Let’s look at some of the scenarios. How long are you planning to be ther...

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The 5 Most Popular Cars in Australia

Driving in Australia can be an experience that someone from the United States has never experienced before. In Australia, it is customary to drive on the left side of a two-lane road. Most of the highways are also toll roads, meaning you are required...

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Flatbed Heavy Haul

Flatbed Heavy Haul Shipping – Everything You Need To Know  Think you need flatbed heavy haul services? Not sure if this type of trucking is right for your freight shipment? In this guide from A-1 Auto Transport, we’ll discuss everything that you ne...

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Aerial Work Platform/Lift Table Transport Services

Transporting aerial work platforms (AWP) can be difficult, especially if you need this piece of equipment moved a long distance. Perfect for construction work or maintenance, these versatile multi-use platforms are a terrific fit for many different s...

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Agricultural Tractor Transport Services

Your agricultural tractor is likely the backbone of your farming operation, and this workhorse carries out many essential duties on a daily basis. From planting, harrowing and tilling to disking and plowing - your tractor wears many different hats on...

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Amphibious Excavator Transport Services

Designed to float in shallow water, an amphibious excavator is a highly specialized piece of equipment. Whether you’re dredging, clearing or doing other tasks with it - this machinery is hard to replace. While you can get a barge and mount a traditio...

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Articulated Hauler Transport Services

If total tonnage per load isn’t your primary concern, but rather excellent traction in bumpy, offroad conditions is the most important factor - then you’re likely utilizing an articulated hauler in your operation. While they carry less than rigid hau...

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Articulated Truck Transport Services

An articulated truck (also called an articulated hauler or articulated dump truck) is designed to excel in off-road conditions. The larger models can carry huge amounts of material in a single run - allowing them to keep the jobsite running smoothly....

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Boat Title and Registration: Guide for New and Used Boats

Buying a boat can be an exciting process, especially if you have never owned one. Getting out on the water can be a freeing and, ultimately, an excellent pastime for friends and family. To take your boat on the water, you will need to have it registe...

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Asphalt Paver Transport Services

The lynchpin in any road construction job, without an asphalt paver - you and your crew will be dead in the water. Yet, with such heavy use, it’s not uncommon for this piece of equipment to break down. Typically, it will be repaired on site if at all...

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Asphalt Plant Transport Services

The heart of any paving operation, your asphalt plant pumps out the blacktop that keeps the road construction crews moving forward. It’s an extensive machine made up of many different parts, including the bitumen supply system, storage for the asphal...

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Auger Transport Services

An auger attachment can be used with a tractor, skid-steer, backhoe or even an excavator. This rotating bit drills down into the earth - allowing holes to be dug with ease. Handheld augers are also available, but these have far less power and must be...

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Backhoe Loader Transport Services

Your backhoe loader may be the workhorse in your operation, especially on smaller jobs. With a backhoe on the rear and a loader-style bucket on the front, this piece of equipment can tackle a variety of different tasks. It’s also relatively light as...

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Backhoe Transport Services

Does your backhoe require long-distance transportation? While you may have the equipment needed to move it from one jobsite to another within your local region - long-distance transit is another scenario entirely.  You’ll not only need a weight-rated...

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Bale Spear Transport Services

Designed to spike through the middle of round hay bales, the bale spear is often attached to the rear of a tractor. It can also be used with a skid-steer, or with a front-end loader that’s been installed on a tractor (1). The bale spear attachment al...

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How Will COVID-19 Coronavirus Affect Global Supply Chains?

The COVID-19 coronavirus may have slowed down throughout the world, but it’s still a very real pandemic that is having major disruptions on business – and on supply chains in particular. If you’re interested in learning more about how COVID-19 has al...

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How To Bring A Truck Into Canada

Moving to Canada from the US? Want to bring your truck to Canada? Since Canada drives on the same side of the road and has very similar safety requirements to the United States, it’s usually possible to ship a vehicle from USA to Canada.  But the pr...

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Transport Companies and Household Moves

Moving across town can be a task to accomplish. Moving across the country can turn into a massive undertaking that you were not prepared for. Making such a significant move is almost impossible without the help of a professional service. Professional...

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Ballast Tamper Transport Services

Employed to pack down the track ballast that sits beneath railway tracks, ballast tampers are able to increase the service life of the rails. Able to adjust the rails as it goes, a tamping machine ensures that the rails are level and parallel to each...

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Boom Lift Transport Services

Falling under the broader category of aerial work platform (AWP), a boom lift is a specialized type that has several advantages. In contrast to other AWPs like a scissor lift, a boom lift is far more maneuverable and has a higher reach (1). This make...

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Broom Transport Services

A broom attachment can be used on several different pieces of heavy equipment, such as compact wheel loaders, excavators, skid steers and even tractors. Designed to make cleanup fast and efficient, they can be employed to clear debris on jobsites, as...

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Bucket-Wheel Excavator Transport Services

Employed in mining operations that take place on the surface, bucket-wheel excavators (BWE) are some of the largest construction equipment ever made. Their ability to dig without stopping makes them highly efficient - meaning you can’t afford for you...

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Bulldozer Blade Transport Services

Your bulldozer may be in need of a replacement blade, or perhaps you’ve decide to upgrade or change your current configuration. There are three different blades typically available, each with their own unique benefits and applications. A universal bl...

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Bulldozer Transport Services

Easily recognizable even by a layperson, the bulldozer is the go-to piece of machinery for pushing large amounts of any material. Used to level, grade and prepare a site for building, your bulldozer is likely one of your essential pieces of equipment...

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Clamshell Bucket Transport Services

Though there are many different types of bucket loaders used in various industries, the clamshell bucket is more advanced and includes two oppositional scoops joined by an industrial-strength hinge. This claw-like attachment - which can open and clos...

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Cold Plane Transport Services

Also known as pavement milling, cold planing is the process of stripping off layers of roadway. This is usually done before resurfacing or repaving, and it ensures that there’s a level surface on which to lay the new material down.  With roadways nee...

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Cold Planer Transport Services

Cold planers (or milling machines) are used for milling of roadways, where the surface is ground away by the machine. The reasons for doing this are varied, and range from recycling of roadway material before repaving - to removing problems like rutt...

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Combine Transport Services

A staple in the farming community, huge combines are seen in fields all across the country. Called a combine because it brings together reaping, threshing and winnowing into a single machine - this marvel of modern engineering is a sight to behold. I...

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Compact Excavator Transport Services

Smaller than its big brother, a compact excavator is perfect for jobs where not as much power is needed. It’s also more easily maneuvered in close quarters, so it’s a good fit on cramped construction jobs or other applications where space is limited....

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Construction & Mining Tractor Transport Services

Though thinking about a tractor usually calls to mind, the recognizable type used on farms throughout the world - this classification of equipment encompasses additional vehicles. Tractors used in construction and mining have been specially designed...

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Construction & Mining Truck Transport Services

While most people are familiar with dump trucks, those employed by the construction and mining industry are a little different. In fact, most mining operations only utilize off-highway dump trucks, and the largest of these don’t travel over public ro...

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Crane Transport Services

Used since ancient times, cranes are widely seen in freight loading and offloading, as well as construction applications. Able to lift heavy materials and move them side to side, cranes are necessary for building structures high into the air.  A Chal...

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Crawler Loader Transport Services

Replacing the wheels found in a traditional wheel loader with heavy-duty treads, the crawler loader has some real advantages to commend it. Boasting stability and traction, it can be the perfect addition to your work site. In recent years, it has bee...

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Cure Rig Transport Services

Concrete has unique curing requirements, and failure to adhere to these can lead to cracking or a weakened final product. A cure rig (or cure machine) is designed to avoid this situation, by passing over the concrete pavement that’s just been laid do...

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Demolition Shears Transport Services

Though wrecking balls have their place in the demolition world, they can be difficult to control and require a great deal of room in which to work. Demolition shears are an excellent alternative, and these can be mounted to most excavators. Able to b...

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Dragline Excavator Transport Services

Dragline excavators can either be built off of regular lifting cranes, or they’re constructed on site (for larger units). The smaller types are typically employed in civil engineering projects like road building, waterway dredging or to drive pylons...

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Dredge Transport Services

Dredging is the term meaning to take material underwater, and transfer it to another location within the same waterway or body of water - and it has many applications. It’s also carried out by many different types of equipment, which fall into two ma...

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Can I Ship A Non-Running Classic Car? Get All The Details

If you have a classic car that’s not currently running and you’re moving across the country, have sold it, or need to transport it for any other reason, you may not be sure what your options are. In this blog from A-1 Auto Transport, we’ll discuss ev...

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Drilling Machine Transport Services

A drilling machine (or drilling rig) is built for just one purpose - to plumb the earth’s depths. Common applications of this machinery include the creation of wells for water or drilling for oil. More specialized drilling machines can also be used f...

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Dump Truck Transport Services

Nearly every child that was fascinated with construction equipment, had a toy dump truck when they were little. You may have graduated to the real thing, and these workhorses can carry load after load of material without stopping. Designed to haul an...

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Cherry Picker Transport Services

A subcategory of aerial work platforms, cherry pickers are aerial devices that look somewhat like a crane. Designed with joints (often multiple ones) for maximum flexibility - a cherry picker was first developed to be used in orchards, which explains...

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How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Boat From Florida To California?

If you’re a boat owner in Florida and you’re moving cross country to California, you may be wondering how you can get your boat from your current home to your new place of residence. How does shipping a boat work? How much does it cost to ship a boat...

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How Freight Terminal Shipping Works

In a perfect world, transports and shipments happen on a point A to point B travel route. The reality of the freight shipping routes is often a point A to point Z process (maybe not quite as many stops and transfers, but still a more prolonged proces...

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The Rules of Driving on the Autobahn

Much like the interstate systems in the United States, Germany has its own notorious roadway system called Bundesautobahn. The Bundesautobahn is translated to mean federal motorway, which is literally a Federal Auto Track. You may have heard of this...

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