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International Car Shipping Rates Calculator

One of the challenges of accurately estimating the cost of international vehicle transport is that it typically involves two parts: domestic and international auto transport. For example, if you’re shipping a car from Chicago to Italy, you’ll first need to have the car delivered to a shipping port in the U.S. This is the domestic side of the transport process and applies to the country importing the vehicle as well if the it needs to be delivered on the back end. The other portion of the cost--and typically the largest part of it--is the international shipping, which we’ll address in the second section.


Shipping a vehicle domestically to a coastal port for international car shipping will cost around 50 cents per mile, though you can get a price break if you use the same company for both the domestic and international part of the transport process. If the vehicle you need transported is near an international shipping terminal, driving it there yourself is also an option and  can save you money on the total cost.


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The Cost Of Shipping A Car To Different Countries


The are two main methods of transporting vehicles internationally and they do affect the cost. The first, and most common, is “RORO” transport, which stands for roll on, roll off. Essentially, the vehicle is driven onto a ship, where it is then secured for transport, then driven off upon arrival. The other method is transporting the vehicle in a large shipping container (also aboard a ship). Container shipping is generally cheaper and it also allows for other items to be delivered along with the car. There is a third option, air freight, which is a premium service and costs two to four times more than standard methods.


Here are some price estimates for shipping a car to different countries from the U.S. Remember, these are only ballpark figures: they assume the cheapest method of transport from shipping port to shipping port and do not include the cost of domestic or overland auto transport, or the import fees of specific countries.


  • U.S. to Australia - $2,500
  • U.S. to United Kingdom - $1,700
  • U.S. to Europe - $2,000
  • U.S. to China - $3,200
  • U.S. to South America - $1,550
  • U.S. to Africa - $2,200
  • U.S. to Japan - $2,200
  • U.S. to Canada - $1,350
  • U.S. to Mexico - $1,100


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Other Cost Considerations When Shipping A Car Between Countries


In addition to the cost of shipping, there are some other financial considerations you should take into account when shipping a vehicle to another country.


  • Insurance - International automobile shippers must maintain current licensing and insurance to legally move cars between countries. Part of the insurance requirement covers damages to vehicles during shipping, which is usually included in the price quote. In some cases--mainly high value cars or classic autos--additional insurance is recommended and can be purchased.
  • Vehicle Standards - Some countries have very specific vehicle specifications that must be met, though there is some consistency thanks to World Forum for Harmonization of Vehicle Regulations. For some countries, a vehicle may have to be under a certain engine displacement level, or be a right-side driving vehicle.
  • Parts - If you plan on staying in the country you’re having a vehicle shipped to, it’s a good idea to consider the possibility of having to find replacement parts. More common cars are not a problem to find parts for usually, but classic cars, electric vehicles and high end models may be tricker in some locations.
  • Import Taxes - This is the cost that can really vary from one country to another. The U.S. has agreements with some countries that allow for duty-free vehicle imports, but there is often a value added tax or other type of import fee. Make sure you speak with the auto carrier about this before signing anything so you get an accurate estimation of the cost of vehicle transport.


International Auto Transport Resources

Foreign Motor Vehicle Import Requirements (PDF) - A comprehensive listing of the vehicle requirements for importing a car to different countries around the world.


International Driving Permit FAQ - Frequently asked questions about the international driving permit from the National Automobile Club. Find out about the benefits, costs, where to apply for one, and which countries recognize the permit.




How To Get The Cheapest Motorcycle Shipping Rates

\Motorcycles have to be handled by experts during shipment and that is why it is vital to find a company that knows all about motorcycles.  Motorcycles cannot be just packed away on a carrier like a car.  It will have to be secured, preferably in a crate and shipped across to the destination.  So the way to calculate your motorcycle shipping rates will be slightly different from that of car shipping rates. 



The Cheapest and Best Way


Of course, the cheapest and best way is for you to ride it to the destination.  No one knows your bike the way you do and you are certified to be the best caretaker of your bike.  When you ride, there are economical and time saving advantages.   Riding your bike might be faster than a transport carrier as they are bulky and therefore, have to be slow to be safe.  However, take note of the following when you are riding on your own –


  • You will have to be prepared for on road emergencies
  • It might not be safe to travel on the highway at night
  • There might be unexpected delays on the road
  • Make sure you are travelling with all your papers



Rates From Motorcycle Shipping Companies


When you go to a shipping company, find out whether they deal exclusively with motorcycles.  It is always better to go to motorcycle shipping companies as they will know exactly how your bike has to be protected for the trip.  Fragile parts will have to be secured with tapes and the bike will need to be strapped down and loaded using special equipment.  The crates that they use will also be specially designed to hold the bike securely with tie-down straps and front tire cradle.  So motorcycle transport prices will also depend upon the materials used for packing.  


In case you move a lot, you can buy a reusable crate and store it.  This will cut down your shipping costs and the customized crate will give you peace of mind.


Door-to-Door Pricing


Most motorcycles shipping companies do door-to-door and that will make the delivery more expensive.  The rule is that the more the distance, the more the pay.  However, there are some instances where the huge delivery van will not be able to enter into narrow streets and avenues. 


In such case, you can bargain for a cheaper rate and pick up your bike at a common parking lot where large vans can easily go. However, the down side will be when the pickup point is another mile away, then the cost will increase accordingly.  So arrange it in such a way that the pickup point cuts down on your final bill. 


Going Through Brokers


Most people think that the brokers will charge a lot for their commission and that will make the estimate a lot higher.  However, when you carefully compare rates, you might find that the estimate that you get through a broker is cheaper than when you deal directly with a company.  Yes, the brokers will have a small fee but their low estimate lies in the way they do business. 


Brokers in general, do an extensive search for you and will pick put the cheapest company for you.  Sometimes companies will give you the costlier carrier simply because the cheaper ones are not available. 


Be Accurate


When you are accurate with your destination, the company will be able to estimate correctly and there will be no changes later on.  However, in case there is an error in the origin or destination, then that could add up to your bill. 




The insurance that you choose will be another major factor in your pricing. Your personal insurance policy might not cover for damages in transit and so you can check whether the company’s insurance will be sufficient.  However, in most cases, the insurance is just to satisfy the law which makes having insurance mandatory.  Verify with your insurance agent the type of insurance that will give maximum coverage such as cover for damages, lost or stolen goods. 


A Small Tip


Do not go in for the cheapest quote and do not try to cut costs by taking an inferior mode of transportation. The extra money that you pay will ensure safety, care and protection for your vehicle.  

Shipping Cars Across The US

Although there are many ways of shipping cars across the US, you need to choose the one that is right for you.  The factors that you need to consider may depend upon your budget, the type of car and the time of travel. 


Driving All the Way across the Country


This could work out to be the cheapest way as all you have to do is pay for the gas.  However there could be a few disadvantages such as the following –


  • Running short of gas and the nearest gas station would just happen to be a few more miles away
  • Having to change a punctured tire in the middle of nowhere
  • Getting tired
  • Getting bored of the long drive


Also there is the time factor where you just cannot afford to take so much time off work.  That does not mean that driving across the country gets ruled out totally. Here are the advantages of driving the car across the country –


  • You can save on your flight ticket cost
  • You get a nice holiday driving across the countryside
  • Sometimes this might be faster than giving your car to a moving company



Hiring a Driver


That would be fine but then you might end up worrying about the exact whereabouts of your car.  To get around this problem, you can try installing a tracking device.  Check whether the driver’s insurance has cover for accidents and always ask for a few references before you hire.  Make a contract clearly stating the terms and conditions so that you know who will pay for damages, if any.   If you do not know anything about writing contracts, then go through a drive away services company which will take the trouble to find a driver for you.  They will take the responsibility of screening the driver and keeping track of the car. 


Also you can do a little search on the internet to see whether there are other people who want to do the same route as you but are unable to afford to pay for their travel.  In such cases, you can strike a deal with them and you will probably just end up paying for the gas. 


Calling a Moving Company


This falls into two categories –


  • Moving company – There is no broker’s fee to be paid here and you can even find some companies giving loyalty points for regular customers.  Moving companies have years of experience transporting vehicles across the United States and will take care of the job for you from start to finish.  All you have to do is wait for the car to be delivered to the destination
  • Brokers – You might have to pay a small extra fee for the commission but for the most part, brokers try to find out the cheapest option for you.  They will search through their extensive network to find the company that offers the best rate and does the same route that you want to do. 


Choosing the Right Method


Now that you have decided to get a professional moving company, it is time to sit down with the person in charge and discuss the best method of shipping your car.  Nowadays many prefer to use an open carrier to transport their new cars and all that they have to worry about is a little dust.  However, open carriers are cheaper than closed ones and you choose the latter option only in times of harsh weather or if the car in question is an antique or an expensive one. 


Tips for a Safe Shipment

  • Always make sure that there are no personal items or valuables in the car as you will be disabling your alarm system for the shipment. 
  • Have only a quarter tank of gas or even less than that.  This will lighten the load on the truck and will help in having a safe journey.
  • If you do not have to meet any deadline, then choose fair weather for the shipment.  You might have to wait for a little while but it is better than having to worry about snow, storm or hail.  

How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Boat?

Now that you have your own boat, all that you need is the ideal destination to sail it.  Unfortunately, as you cannot drive your boat on the road, the way you would do your car, you need professional help to make your cruise become a reality.  Boat transport cost is different from car transport cost as there are different factors to be considered for an estimate.  You cannot call up a truck service and ask them to haul your (oversized) boat to the destination. 



Getting a Rough Estimate


Even before you start calling various companies, know how to calculate the cost of shipment.  An average sized boat, maybe around 12 feet wide, which has to be transported from Maine to Florida might cost around $7000 for shipment.  So first put down the width and even height of your boat down on paper.


Next, consider the point of origin, whether it is from the West or from the East as the base rate per mile will vary.  From the East it will be $2 dollars per mile while from the West it will be $1.5 per mile.  If your boat is bigger than 9 feet, add an extra $.25 for each foot.  So if you have a 10 foot boat and you are starting from the East, your base rate per mile will be around $2.5.  Then multiply that cost with the total number of miles to be covered.  So you will pay $7500 for a 3000 mile journey. 


Restrictions that You Will have to Face


The journey might start out well but for an oversized boat, there are many factors to be considered.  You have to be prepared for a few delays as in some states, big boats are not allowed on the road after a certain time.  So the driver will just have to park and wait for the next morning to resume the journey.  Also insurance is a pretty big factor here and you will have to ask your insurer to collaborate with the moving company to make sure that everything is covered. 


The Safety Factor

As the boat was a big investment on your part, make sure that the company that you choose knows how to take care of it.  The boat will not only have to be protected during the daytime but it will have to be protected while parked at night.  Some companies use shrink-wrapping but in case the wrapping has a small tear, it will blow about in the highway and might cause a lot of damage. 


Tips for a Safe Shipment


The height of the boat is a crucial factor here and a hauler with a very tall boat might keel over with just the slightest push.  To counter this hazard, trim off a few inches from the height and you will not only save money but will also make the boat more secure.  If you can shorten the boat by removing parts like the flying bridge or hardtop, you can cut down on the boat shipping prices even more. 


Transporting with Ships


When you want to cruise down the Mediterranean or the South Pacific, you will need a yacht transport ship.  Some companies will carry various cargo as well as yachts and so the number of ports that it will visit may be more.  This is good as then you will have more options regarding delivery date and destination.   When the ship’s route has to be customized to suit your route or destination port, then you can expect to pay a few thousands more.


When you take an already existing route, then your cost will also come down.  However, the only disadvantage you might face here will be unexpected delays due to weather.  To cut shipping costs even further, you can ship the yacht one way and then cruise back for the return trip.   

Auto Transport Quotes Military Discount

People working in the military have to be prepared to move at a moment’s notice. That will mean that the whole house has to be packed up, including pets and vehicles.  Wherever the owners go, their precious possessions have to follow and they have to arrive in the same condition as they left. 


Now this is a tricky task especially where vehicles are concerned and one must take care to approach the right companies so that your goods will be taken care of well.  That is why you must go to a moving company that caters for those in the military and where auto transport quotes military discount will be available.



Special Discount

For those who are in service in the military, many companies offer special rates.  In case the company that you’ve contacted does not give military discount, then it’s time to look out for another one.  There are some companies that offer up to $50 for all military personnel when the estimate is around $500.  Even if your estimate is under $500, you can still get a discount of 5%.  Now when you are constantly moving, 5% can amount to a lot.


Papers That You Need

Of course, you cannot just walk into the office of an auto transport company with just your uniform and ask for a discount.  Always carry your ID proof showing that you are in active service and be sure to keep it with you till your vehicle is safely delivered to you.  Some companies might be fussy about showing the proper papers before releasing your car.  You might also have to show that you or your spouse is the legal owner of the vehicle before you can use the discount. 


Get the Right Company

There are some companies that deal exclusively with military vehicles and for military personnel.  They are there to serve the people who serve the country.  Hence they will be more than willing to get your vehicle to whatever base, no matter how remote the location could be, at a very reasonable cost.  Some companies will even assign an agent to take care of your car from start to finish as they understand how difficult life must be for a military officer who is always on the move.


 There might be no time to take care of the minor details and the agent will be there to help you out.  So if you are in the military be sure to get auto transport quotes military discount offer as it is specially designed for people like you.