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Laughlin River Run 2014

Spring is here and that means it’s time for the Laughlin River Run! Taking place April 24-28, the Laughlin River Run is the West Coast’s largest motorcycle rally. LRR is hosted on the historic Route 66 in Laughlin, NV and has become a popular spot for Coloradoans to cross the river border and gamble! If you have been itching to take your bike out after this long winter, this is the event for you. Keep reading to see some of the great events at the 2014 Laughlin River Run.



Of course, one of the biggest attractions in Nevada are the casinos. In Laughlin, you’re in close proximity to 9 hotel/casinos where you can experience the great night life that one of only a handful of states in the U.S. can provide. If Poker is your game, there are two events you’ll want to check out: the American Heroes Charity Poker Run on April 25th and the Early Bird Poker Run on April 26th.


Concert Series

Keeping up with tradition, the Laughlin River Run will feature some awesome musical artists. Jason Aldean, Great White, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and Los Lobos and Los Lonely Boys will all be live in concert over the weekend. Check out the Laughlin River Run website for information about concert times and tickets.


Custom Bike Show

No motorcycle rally is complete without a Custom Bike Show. Make sure to swing by the event to see the Best in Show bikes and maybe even get some inspiration for your own ride. As always, if you’re planning on attending the Laughlin River Run and need to ship your motorcycle to the show, let us know! We can give you a free quote and make it a hassle-free event. 


Automobile Electronics Trends | What’s Around The Corner

It’s difficult to keep up with the speed at which technology moves, but the auto industry seems to have a renewed commitment to trying to keep pace.  Recently, news that Apple and Tesla had talks sent waves through the auto and tech industry, as both companies maintain a good amount of heft in each of their respective markets. (It’s been previously noted by Consumer Reports that Tesla’s on-board touch screen is already like an iPad in your car.)


Let’s take a look at three emerging trends that we’ll start to see more of in the car electronics industry. Soon enough, we’ll have software updates for our cars, cameras instead of mirrors and computerized assistance to handle those tricky parallel parking jobs for us.


3 Trends: Software, Syncing & Driver Assistance


  1. Automobile Software - You knew it was coming and it might be closer than you think. Yes, we will soon be downloading software for our vehicles, in addition to our phones, computers and other digital devices. Tech giants like Google and Apple are already attempting to carve out some room on our future dashboards and Tesla has already set something of a precedent for what it will look like.
  2. Convergence Continues - Just as a modern cell phone can do most of what it took several devices to accomplish a few years ago, the way in which we use vehicles is starting to change along the same lines. Not only does it mean implementation of cloud computing technology and syncing of your driving preferences, but also more overall automation and an increase in driver safety. Making phone calls with Bluetooth and bringing your music with you is just the beginning of the evolution that we’ll start to see in the months and years ahead.
  3. Driver Assistance - As our vehicles become more digital-friendly, certain technological features that offer an elevated standard of safety will be integrated. We’re already seeing advances with things like automatic deceleration and distance control systems. It’s just a matter of time before self-parking carsbecome the norm and set the table for the next development in electronic driving assistance.


What’s Next For Automobiles, Technology & Electronics?


Clearly things are changing quickly in the automotive world and there’s at least a few reasons to be optimistic about it. There are no doubt some complications that come with technology and automation for drivers, but the potential upside is enormous. Improved technology can ultimately lead to things like increased passenger safety, better mechanical reliability and more environmentally sustainable transportation options.


Automotive Electronics Resources


Digital Trends - Cars - Follow along with all the latest in digital trends for the automotive industry. Read about current events, upcoming products and legal changes like the requirement of rear visibility technology in 2018.


Cars 2014 - Consumer Electronics Show - Stay tuned in to car tech and all that happened at the 2014 CES by following the latest updates from CNET, one of the world’s leading electronic and tech review sites.


Google & Driverless Cars - Read about the software that Google has been working on to make driverless cars a reality and what they have planned for the future of high-tech personal transportation.


The Top Consumer Rated Car Models For 2014

If the early results are any indication, 2014 will be a banner year for the auto industry and consumers alike. During the last part of 2013, several auto makers unveiled exciting new concepts and technologies at auto shows all over the world, many of which offered a glimpse into the future of the automobile.


Consumer Reports recently released consumer rankings for the best cars of 2014 in each class. Obviously, there’s a lot of information to wade through so we’ve compiled the highlights for you here, as well as some links to other reviews, ratings and related news around the web.


Car Reviews & Resources

New Car Models 2014 - Get accurate and up to date information on new car releases from Kelley Blue Book.


Edmunds Car Reviews - Find performance ratings, auto reviews and road tests from Edmunds, a leading source of automotive information.


2014 Consumer Report - Best Car Models of the Year


Tesla Model S - The overall winner in the report was the Tesla Model S, which comes as no surprise to those that have been following the recent ascendence of Tesla as a company and the Model S in particular. Consumers noted the great performance for a luxury car, great handling, a spacious cabin and some of the best technological implementations in the industry. The large and easy-to-use touch screen that controls many of the car’s functions was a favorite among consumers that reviewed the vehicle.


Honda Accord - Not surprisingly, the Honda Accord had the best rating for midsize sedans. Combining the gas mileage of a compact and the roominess and performance of a sedan, the affordable 4-cylinder Accord continues to be a great value for consumers.


For more information, see this article from U.S. News about the best car values of 2014.


Subaru Impreza - The highest consumer rating for a compact car went to the Subaru Impreza. The Impreza is a four-wheel drive vehicle, but that doesn’t have a drastic impact the mileage it gets according to the report. For a compact, the Impreza is very roomy and offers one of the best overall values for the price in its class.



Toyota Prius - Winner of the best “green car,” the popular Toyota Prius is one of the most affordable and reliable hybrid cars currently on the market. With fuel efficiency that exceeds 40 miles per gallon, the Prius is a practical choice for environmentally conscious drivers. The Prius has won Consumer Report’s best green car for 11 years running.


Visit Green Car Reports for more information on hybrid, electric & PEV cars.


Audi A6 - The Audi A6 is one of the most fun cars to drive on this list. In addition to excellent handling and a powerful engine, the A6 has a gorgeous interior and still has good fuel efficiency for a V6 engine. The Audi A6 also has several features that will appeal to tech-friendly drivers, though some of the features may take some time to get comfortable with.



BMW 328i - Long appreciated as one of the top choices available among sports sedans, the 328i (part of BMW’s 3 series) scored very well for fuel efficiency, comfort and handling in the report. The 328i perfectly captures the blend of power and luxury that has made the 3-series BMW’s most popular model and a consumer favorite. 

New York International Auto Show – April 2014

Car show season is back in full swing, and for East Coasters, the New York International Auto Show in April is a can’t-miss opportunity to see some beautiful cars. As with all shows on the International circuit, you’ll get to see some of the top Cars of the Year, Concept Cars, NY Debuts, and more. Check out the list of events to see what makes the NY Auto Show a wonderful event.



The annual New York Auto Show Gala promises to be as exciting as ever. Don’t miss the chance on Thursday April 17 to rub elbows with some of the auto industry’s most notable figures, check out luxury cars, and bid on exclusive collectibles. All benefits will be going to the East Side House, a community-based organization in the South Bronx that is dedicated to bringing quality education and resources to the residents of the South Bronx and surrounding communities.


Acura NSX Concept Car

One of the cars I’m looking forward to the most is the new Acura NSX Concept Car. This beauty boasts a front-engine V-10 GT with similar specs to the Audi R8, Ferrari 458, and a Porsche hybrid system. The vehicle is even rumored to be featured in the upcoming Avengers movie, so keep an eye out for it. Even with a production grade 3.5-liter V-6, this baby will roll off the lot with a minimum 308 hp, good enough to wake up the neighbors.


Automotive Career Fair

One of my favorite parts of the NY Auto Show is the Automotive Career Fair. The fair offers free admission to students (and $10 tickets to the NYIAS with Career Fair Validation) and is a great opportunity for young people to find jobs in the auto industry. The Career Fair is a great way for the Auto Shows to give back and help recruit the next generation of auto enthusiasts, and is certainly a welcome spot on the tour.

If you are planning on heading to the New York International Auto Show or want to get a quote to ship your car out there, let us know!

The Best Annual Car Shows In the United States

Every year, car collectors, enthusiasts and admirers flock to auto shows all over the world just to get a glimpse of a finely kept classic or the prototype of a new concept car. While there are countless car, truck and motorcycle shows all over the United States, there are a few that carry a special weight to them; the auto shows at which new concepts are revealed and exciting breakthroughs in technology are on display. These are those car shows--the best yearly auto events in the U.S.



North American International Auto Show - Detroit Auto Show


A longtime home to local auto shows, Detroit has been hosting car events for more than 100 years. In 1989, what had previously been a regional event became an international one and the NAIAS was born. Since then, the NAIAS has grown into one of the world’s largest automobile shows, drawing more than 18 million visitors over the past 25 years. The NAIAS is one of the few auto shows in the United States that is sanctioned by OICA, the International Organization of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers.


The North American International Auto Show is held each January in Detroit.


Los Angeles Auto Show


Like the NAIAS, the L.A. Auto Show is also sanctioned by OICA and has roots that date back more than a century. The L.A. Auto Show is known for debuting new American and foreign cars, as well as being at the forefront of emerging automotive technologies. In fact, the Connected Car Expo was recently added to the L.A. Auto Show in response to the interest in new technology and how it may change the way we use cars.


The Los Angeles Auto Show is held in late November to early December.


Chicago Auto Show


The Chicago Auto Show is one of the largest in North America and has was first staged in 1901. It has been held more than any other automotive show in the United States and draws more than a million visitors each year. The show has been produced by the Chicago Automobile Trade Association since 1935.


The Chicago Auto Show is held each year in February.


New York International Auto Show


The New York Auto Show tends to stir excitement and speculation about new concept cars and production models. Being held in the media capital, the show is the perfect stage for rolling out new ideas and manufacturers take full advantage of it. Definitely an event not to be missed if you’re a car lover.


The New York International Auto Show is held in Manhattan in late March or early April.


Philadelphia International Auto Show


Like most of the other auto shows mentioned in this article, the Philadelphia Auto Show got its start in the early 1900s. The Philadelphia Auto Show is definitely a family friendly event and tends to have an excellent display of classics. Unlike some other shows, this one brings out local dealers (rather than manufacturers), partly because the event is sponsored by the Automobile Dealer’s Association of Greater Philadelphia.


The Philadelphia International Auto Show is held in February.