Ship Car To Haiti

Relocating A Car To Haiti | Taxes & Import Costs

Shipping A Car To Haiti

Typical Shipping Prices – How Much Does It Cost?

  • Most car shipping services to Haiti from the U.S. can be done for $1,200 to $2,700, not including applicable taxes and registration fees.
  • Since Haiti is relatively close, shipping costs can be even less than the numbers mentioned above, especially for transport shipments coming from Florida. 

Exporting a car to the Republic of Haiti can take some work, and if you don’t have all the documents and legal paperwork in order, it can also take a lot of time and end up costing more than it should. There are different requirements for bringing a vehicle into Haiti, depending on whether it’s for  business, organizational or personal use. Understanding the taxes involved and having the required legal documents is essential to keeping the process efficient and costs to a minimum.

Non-governmental organizations (NGO) are exempt from paying import taxes, but still must pay an inspection fee when shipping a car to Haiti.


Haitian auto imports are taxed on a sliding scale that depends on the value of the vehicle. The taxation rates are between 5% and 20% and increase by increments of 5%. Most vehicles–those valued higher than $2,000–pay the maximum tax of 20%. A 10% tourist tax must be paid when bringing a used vehicle in to the country. If your imported vehicle must be stored temporarily in Haiti while paperwork and documents are sorted out, there is a daily fee that applies.


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Transporting A Car To Haiti | Documents & Visa Info

One of the challenges of relocating a car internationally is dealing with the customs and taxes (see above) and the required paperwork for the country your shipping to. We’ve listed the essential documents below, though it should be noted that other forms may be required, depending on the type of vehicle, its specifications and what it will be used for. 




Required Documents For Shipping A Vehilce To Haiti

  1. Passport or visa
  2. Original title
  3. Copy of drivers license
  4. Bill of sale
  5. Detailed cargo manifest
  6. Point of origin and destination
  7. Ocean bill of lading


Depending on the length of the visit and the nature of the trip, U.S. residents may not need a visa in Haiti, but a valid passport is required.


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Resources For Shipping A Car To Haiti

Haiti Import Regulations – Customs restrictions that apply to non-vehicle imports that you should know about if you’re bringing anything else into the country or plan on moving to Haiti for a permanent stay or long term visit.


Embassy of Haiti (Washington, D.C.) – The United States office for the Embassy of Haiti has information about consulate locations in the U.S., what to know when visiting Haiti


Haiti Attorney List (PDF) – From the Haitian Embassy in the U.S., a list of attorneys in Haiti that can help you if you’re having legal issues or difficulty figuring getting a vehicle through customs. 





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