Midway Auto Carriers Reviews

7112 Sterling Rd Hollywood, FL 33024
3699-4163 Davie Road Extension Hollywood Florida 33024 US
(866) 440-7545(866) 440-7545

Midway Auto Carriers is an auto shipping and transportation company that is based in
Hollywood, Florida. They have been in the motor vehicle transportation business since their
establishment in the year 1979. They do not have any registration details available on their
website, other transportation directories or even with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety
Administration website. The firm’s primary contact person is listed as Mr. Steven Rodriguez, a
manager at the company. They ship vehicles anywhere across the United States.

The company deals in the shipping of all types of cars, trucks, SUVs, motorcycles, inoperable
cars, and oversized vehicles. They have both open carrier transport and enclosed shipping.
Their enclosed carriers are for shipping exotic cars, classic cars, and expensive motorcycles such
as superbikes and custom Harleys. They incorporate door to door transport with all their
deliveries, as long as the pick-up and delivery addresses are in areas accessible to their carriers.
They do not have any fleet or insurance details listed, which is rather odd for an auto carrier.

Midway Auto Carriers has a working website, although it does not offer a lot in the way of
information. They are listed on the business platform BBB where they have a B rating. They can
be reached for enquires through the information provided on this page.