Brickell Transport and Logistics Reviews

Miami, Florida
1170 Southeast 12th Terrace Miami Florida 33131 US

Brickell Transport and Logistics is a vehicle shipping company based in Miami, Florida. They ship a variety of cars including boats, motorcycles, classic cars, and sports cars. They transport both domestically and internationally. The company has partnered up with over one hundred and fifty carriers nationwide to provide ease of access to all states in the country.

Open- air road carriers are their standard mode of transport. Using this method, eight to nine vehicles are loaded on an exposed double-decker car hauler and shipped. For high-end cars, the company offers enclosed transportation where the risk of damage is very low. Flatbed transportation is designed for non-standard vehicles that won’t fit on either open or enclosed transport carriers. This is ideal for large or odd-shaped vehicles.

Booking can be done online or by phone and their quotations match the quality of service provided to the customer. Brickell Transport and Logistics also offer a 100% money-back guarantee to any customer who cancels their order prior to shipping. The company’s customer base spans from car dealerships to college students. Their customer care staff have been trained to be courteous and responsive to the needs of the clients.