Assurance Auto Transport Reviews

Miami, Florida
1170 Southeast 12th Terrace Miami Florida 33131 US
1-866- 807-87831-866- 807-8783

Assurance Auto Transport is a bonded and licensed freight shipping company based in
Miami, Florida. The privately owned business ships a wide range of cars such as RVs,
minivans, buses, sedans, and sports cars nationwide. It extends open carrier services to
single cars, multiple cars, dealerships, and corporate relocations. Enclosed shipping is only
utilized when transporting cars that are classic, exotic, antique, luxury or old racing cars.

Customers of Assurance Auto Transport deal directly with the owner and are, therefore,
given the best professional care possible. To prove their worth, the company does not
charge any upfront deposit when booking. Payment will be charged after scheduling has
been confirmed by the customer. Also, the drivers keep the customers informed on the
whereabouts of their cars while on transit.

The company has received appropriate accreditation by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety
Association seeing as it has met all the security features required by law. As such cars are
delivered in a timely fashion and are well secured during the long haul. Booking is done
online or by directly phoning the company. The quality extended is well worth the price
quoted for shipping.