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Medicine and Transport; How Domestic and International Freight Transport Saves Lives

Submitted by Kayla Raney  on 04/03/2020 Patients, doctors, nurses, respiratory therapists, and even hospital security depends on the transportation from everything to medical supplies to live saving medications. As a hospital employee I am all too fa...

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In the World of Automobiles, Nothing is More Important than Stopping Drunk Driving

Submitted by Joshua Brooks on 04/03/2020 I have a huge passion for cars, especially the Challenger and Charger from Dodge. Of course, as a high senior, I am stuck driving the 3rd-ranked car in our family, which happens to be a 2003 Honda. I also have...

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Journey to the West

Submitted by Sofia Tkachenko on 03/05/2020 “I thought you were an American!”, “You don't even seem like you have an accent, so i thought you were just from here” and “Why would you move here?” are some of the most frequent questions I receive after t...

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The Dangers of Distracted Driving

Submitted by Karthikeyan Malmurugan on 06/03/2020 In this day and age technology has become such a huge part of our lives. It influences each and every one of us primarily for the better but that is not always the case. In this past century the use o...

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Buying a new car is fun

Submitted by Jennifer Aidoo 07/03/2020 Buying a new car is fun and exciting but there are many factors in today’s market that are affecting those who want to purchase a new car. Not only are fuel prices incredibly high and expected to go higher based...

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A-1 Auto Services for A-1 Service

Submitted by Bryanna Woodfolk on 08/03/2020 Being a young adult and trying to manage all the necessary adult tasks can be challenging sometimes. You go through high school, go to college, and then you get your big boy/girl job. Then, you are hit with...

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Challenging times for the global auto industry

Submitted by Antonio Bolaños Álvarez on 08/03/2020 “Coronavirus Piles More Pressure on the Struggling Car Industry.” Over the last month, global news outlets have been spreading dire scenarios, such as the one above, on a non-stop basis. Unfortunatel...

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More Than a Career

Submitted by Karlie Abernathy  on 09/03/2020 One conversation. That’s all it took to make, what you thought was your temporary job as an auto hauler, bloom into a permanent career that you continue to grow passionately in. You often look back at your...

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Overseas Vehicle Shipping: Helping Us Give Back

“Mom, why do I need to sit next to the woman with the chicken?” This quote, from when my family took a mission’s trip to Nicaragua, shows some of the pain behind taking public transportation in a developing country. The goal of our mission's trip was...

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More than a Sideshow: Getting Hyphy in the Bay Area

In East Oakland, engines rev. People gather in the dozens, forming a wide circle. Cars are scattered throughout this circle, their doors propped open and people leaning out the doors and windows, or sitting on the hoods. Music plays loudly from the c...

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Safety Concerns of RoRo Vehicle Transportation

A safe way to ship vehicles is via roll-on/roll-off (RoRo) ships or vessel. As the name suggests, vehicles, like cars, tractors and trucks, simply roll on and off ships via ramps (WWO, 2019), which can be stacked on the cargo ships or permanently att...

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How Clean Are Electric Vehicles

Vroom, Vroom! Goes the Ram 2500 as it races down I-75 to make it to the worksite on time. And there goes all the black sut onto your detailed car, as you head to your office job. Pollution, carbon footprint, R.I.P the ozone. How are we solving this p...

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Classic Car Transporters…Let’s Keep ‘em Rollin

Cars older than 20 years are known as “classic cars”, while cars older than 50 years are known as “antiques”. These vehicles need to be preserved, admired & cherished. Car enthusiasts from around the world gather every year locally, nationally & inte...

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A Car with Dreams and ambitions

Submitted by Gabriela Morales-Pereira on 09/03/2020 here always one major though, the goal a simple dream that made me twinges of excitement flowing through my body. The waiting was incredible, and it always seems impossible and forever and a day bef...

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Vehicle Transport Service

Submitted by Madeline Urban on 09/03/2020 What to look for when you are getting ready to ship? You just found out that you’re moving to a new city. What an exciting experience! If you are anything like me, your first thought wasn’t about how your fam...

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The future for the automotive shipping industry

The past few years and the foreseeable future for the automotive shipping industry, including both domestic and international, will likely be a tumultuous few years. The shipping industry is often overlooked by most consumers who only consider and wi...

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Improving Human Resource Partnerships in the Auto Transportation Industry

Submitted by Steven Able 10/03/2020 The auto transportation industry began with Ohioan racer and designer Alexander Winton in 1898 after returning home from a tour in Scotland and selling off his first set of cars by his enterprise, the Winton Motor...

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My Guiding Principal of LTL

Submitted by Taylor Malina on 10/03/2020 Late last year the American Trucking Associations released the latest edition of its annual data compendium, ATA American Trucking Trends 2019. The numbers released in this article illustrate exactly how signi...

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Moving the Mover

Submitted by Steven Mi 10/03/2020 Ever since the first time I stepped foot into a car, ever since I understood what they were, ever since I learned where they came from and where they went, and ever since I learned just what went on behind the scenes...

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What Does It Really Take to Move?

Submitted by Kay Villarreal on 10/03/2020 Moving overseas requires a lot of physical and mental preparation. There are many factors to expect like anxiety, stress and of course some excitement. I am here to give you a road path about everything there...

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The first 15 years of my life

Submitted by Morgan Danielle Sweere Treece on 10/03/2020 The first 15 years of my life were different than most girls and boys. I grew up on a dirt race track with the thrill of the race. I waited weekly for those bright, Friday night lights in the p...

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The transportation industry in America

Submitted by Emma Tellier 10/03/2020 The transportation industry in America is an important sector in our economy that deals with the movement of people and products across our great nation. The automotive industry touches many aspects of our nationa...

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America’s moving industry

Submitted by Jack Russell on 10/03/2020 The U.S. Military accounts for 15% of America’s moving industry’s domestic and international business. The Department of Defense’s (DoD’s) program, Permanent Change of Station (PCS), contracts the support of ov...

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What self-driving trucks mean for the future of transportation

Submitted by Kristina Emery Johnson on 10/03/2020 We all know that self-driving cars, they have been around for some time now and they are well known, but self-driving trucks are a whole different story. Just like with the implementation of GPS techn...

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Overseas Automobile Shipping

Submitted by Dawn Petersen De Soto on 10/03/2020 Moving overseas is a really popular thing to do. Especially with the economic boom, it opens new opportunities for the people, gives people a new environment and a fresh start. Some people find it easy...

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How To Make Your Move A1

Submitted by Taylor Hill on 10/03/2020 Better housing. More job opportunities. A fresh start. These are just some of the reasons that may compel an individual to move to a different place. Although moving to a new place can be exciting and come with...

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A Man’s True Best Friend

Submitted by Shashank Balaji on 10/03/2020 It was 9 o’clock on a Saturday night. My friend Kyle was driving me from a local competition where we had won first place. The joy of winning was overwhelming; songs from the Migos - a famous hip-hop group -...

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Toxic relationship , passionate relationship

Submitted by Faith Williams on 10/03/2020 Some people may have called our relationship toxic, but I prefer to call it passionate. When we were good, we were marvelous. When we were bad, we were downright awful. She makes my life interesting. I loved...

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The People Behind Transportation

Submitted by Margaret Bugera on 10/03/2020 Auto transport is often seen as a very mechanical process to the untrained eye. From the goods being shipped, the truck or other vehicle transporting those goods, and the warehouse that store them, everythin...

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Long Distance and Short Distance Vehicle Shipping

Submitted by Amy Nguyen 10/03/2020 Last March, I had the misfortune of popping two of my car tires on one of Houston’s many potholes. Due to this misfortune, I could not simply get the jack and spare tire out of the trunk and attempt to change the ti...

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You see stuff, I see treasures

Submitted by Monet Goines on 10/03/2020 Yes, moving is a big deal as some of us may know. It takes a toll on us even though it may not show. We’re anxious, stressed, and over all a mess and we want nothing more than to put our minds at rest. But how...

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The world at the touch of a button

Submitted by Elizabeth Kubista on 10/03/2020 With modern day technology it seems that anything is possible. Rather than go out to buy what you need, all it takes is the touch of a button for it to be delivered straight to your door. Overseas shipping...

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Tips on Moving through Vehicle Shipping Services

Submitted by Indira Placide on 10/03/2020 Moving can be extremely stressful, especially when you have little knowledge about where you are heading. The thought of the unknown is always a difficult decision and is often scary for many people. Moving i...

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Moving Day Anxieties

Submitted by Sherry Nguyen on 10/03/2020 Moving from one place to another causes worries in all of us, whether you might be a high school graduate going to be on their own in a college dorm, or a old married couple finally moving to the place of thei...

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Options all across the globe

Submitted by Fayth Dean on 10/03/2020 When it comes to going to a university, there are many options all across the globe in multiple countries. Some students travel far just to further their education. Students also do study abroad programs that som...

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How Technology Will Change A-1 Auto Transport in 5 years

Submitted by Julia Valeria Lopez Rojas on 10/03/2020 Change is inevitable. Technology is innovating business processes, it's helping business to do things differently in order to provide a better solution. Innovation isn't only necessary for everyday...

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Life is a highway

Submitted by Amber Bormann on 10/03/2020 If you have ever seen the 2006 movie, Cars you will know that one of the most common ways to transport vehicles is in 18 wheelers via major highways. They draw a lot of attention and it is necessary for these...

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One Small Village

Submitted by Ruchir Baronia on 10/03/2020 Eight years ago, I witnessed my first online purchase. I was only in fourth grade, and I wanted—more than anything in the world—a shiny, black electric guitar. After weeks of me begging, crying, and teary-eye...

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Why is it always better to ship a car than to drive it?

Is Shipping A Car Better Than Driving A Car Long Distance? Whether you are moving or you just purchased a car, there are several options available to get it where it needs to go. Two methods are shipping the vehicle or simply driving the vehicle wher...

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Economy Car Shipping & Motorcycle Transport Services

Trying to find the right company to move your vehicle can be a significant undertaking. You have probably gotten on the internet and started comparing the rates of various transport companies to fulfill your needs. The problem with these types of ser...

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Shipping A Car You Purchased Out Of State

Buying and Shipping An Out-of-State Car In an age where most shopping transactions are completed online, it wouldn’t be out of the ordinary for someone to find and procure a car over the internet. When this type of purchase happens, the buyer has to...

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Can I Ship Items In My Car While Transporting?

There is smart logic behind putting things inside your car if you are shipping it somewhere. If it is only a couple of items, it may not have a significant impact on your shipping price. If you plan on packing the car from top to bottom, including th...

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What is the average price to ship a car?

Shipping a vehicle is becoming a more common practice among the American public. There are a lot of different factors that go into pricing an automobile shipment. A lot of car dealerships and mid-sized car lots utilize open carrier transports when th...

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Automotive Shipments: Manheim Auto Auction

Whether you are buying a car at auction or taking one to an auction, A1 Auto Transport can help in getting your vehicle where it needs to go. Private and public auctions are often a good place for vehicle wholesalers to obtain a large number of cars...

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Ambulance Shipping Services From A-1 Auto Transport

An ambulance is a colossal-sized specialty vehicle. Most often, ambulances are only associated with lifesaving efforts. Not too many people think about the background of where it comes from and how it gets there. For all those behind the scenes quest...

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Ship A Car: Canada to U.S.

🇨🇦 Canada, (CA)

What better way to spend a Canadian winter than in sunny Florida? Or southern California While some Canadians enjoy snowboarding and jet skiing, others may prefer a retreat to a warm beach where bikinis and pina coladas await the discerning snow bird...

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Air Freight Shipments

If you need to transport a vehicle across the ocean, A-1 Auto Transport is here to help. Air freight shipping is an extremely quick and secure way to transport items across the ocean. We provide air freight container shipping services for all types o...

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Expedited Freight Shipping

Here at A-1 Auto Transport, we are committed to making sure your shipment reaches its final destination as quickly as possible. If you have an especially urgent shipment, our expedited freight shipping services can get your vehicle to where it needs...

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Ship Freight To And From Canada

Whether you’re planning a move to or from Canada, or you simply need your vehicle for a family vacation, we are here to help you transport your car across the Canadian border. Our team of professionals will make sure your car gets to its final destin...

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Temperature Controlled Freight Shipping

Are you looking for a reliable temperature-controlled freight provider? A-1 Auto Transport can provide temperature-controlled freight shipping that will protect your automobile from drastic changes in temperature while it’s in transit.  We have the r...

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