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Typical Shipping Prices – How Much Does It Cost?

  • For most types of vehicles, it costs from $2,900 to $5,700 to ship a car to Iran from the U.S.
  • It’s important to note that there are additional costs once the vehicle arrives, mainly import taxes and registration fees, which can be expensive.

Exporting a vehicle to Iran from the United States is quite possible. As long as the vehicle’s owner follows all of the restrictions and has all of the proper documentation, vehicle shipment can happen.

When staying in Iran for a long while for employment, study or even for residency, a personal vehicle will make traveling the country much easier. It will give a person the freedom of travel without having to deal with the currency difference or language barriers. Sometimes, learning the country on your own time will help a person to become better acquainted with their new surroundings.

Popular Shipping Destinations in Iran.


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The Types of Vehicle Shipping to Select From.

There are ultimately three ways to import a vehicle to Iran, but only two of them are practical methods for most. All three ways of shipping can be done with the proper documentation. The shipping methods a person will have to choose from include:

  • RO/RO shipping is the roll on, roll off method. This means that the vehicle must be driven onto the ship and after it reaches its destination, it will need to be driven off. The automobile must remain empty with the exception of a car jack, floor mats, and a spare tire.
  • Container shipping is a little more expensive than RO/RO shipping, but it allows the vehicle’s owner to ship other belongings as well. The vehicle itself, and the container can be filled with property. A container can also be shared with another person so that the costs can also be split between those sharing.
  • Air shipping is the priciest method of them all. It is a practical way of shipping a vehicle to Iran, yet it is so expensive that many are unable to afford it.
Required Documents For Shipping A Vehicle To Iran.

Vehicle shipment to Iran will require very specific documentation. Little information is given in regards to the requirements that must be followed, but contacting the Embassy of Iran will prove to be helpful. However, one can always assume that the following documentation is necessary:

  1. Title and Vehicle Registration.
  2. Proof of Residency in Iran.
  3. License/Picture ID and Passport.
  4. Proof of Ownership.
  5. Receipt of Duties Paid.
  6. Proof of Insurance.
  7. Permit from Ministry of Congress.
  8. Bill of lading.

Along with the right documentation, the owner of the vehicle must be present at the time the vehicle arrives in Iran. The port will not hold a vehicle and therefore, it is vital that the owner is present on the vehicle’s day of arrival.

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