Your Guide To Shipping A New Car Overseas

Shipping A New Car You Just Bought – Any time you make an expensive purchase, car or otherwise, there’s always a little extra stress right afterward. It may be the fear of “buyer’s remorse” or that you’ll somehow instantly damage it, but in either case, there’s a little extra precaution and care taken right after purchase. In the sections below, we’ll take a look at some of the best ways to ensure that your new car stays in perfect condition when being shipped overseas.

 RORO – The most popular method of shipping vehicles overseas, new or used, is a method called roll on, roll off, which is often abbreviated “RORO” in the auto transport business. Ships that are designed to transport cars overseas are equipped a garage-style storage area in the cargo deck that is specially equipped to secure and moves cars. The name comes from the simplicity of the process: your car is rolled (driven) on, then rolled off when it reaches its final destination.

 Container – Another option when shipping a car overseas is to have it delivered in a shipping container, also known as containerized auto transport. Rather than being “rolled on” to the ship, the vehicle is loaded into a container, which is then put onto the ship, usually with several other containers. Part of the reason that containers are used so widely in transport of goods is that they are intermodal: they can be easily transferred from boat to truck to rail, making for easy delivery even when multiple forms of transport are used.

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Preparing Your New Vehicle For Shipping Overseas.

Clean – Regardless of where you’re having your car shipped, it’s important that it be cleaned, both inside and out. The outside being clean will help you and the shipper assess the condition of the vehicle prior to shipment, which is noted on the bill of lading. The inside needs to be clean and empty so that nothing inside the vehicle causes damage during transport.

 1/4 Tank Only – A quarter tank of gas is generally the upper limit of what’s allowed in a vehicle that’s being shipped. Fuel weight can add up when shipping multiple vehicles and it’s also a safety precaution.

 Disconnect Alarm – It may sound strange at first, but alarm systems need to be disconnected before shipping your car. You can imagine the chaos that can be caused my multiple car alarms going off endlessly over the course of lengthy international shipment. Since all new cars have some sort of anti theft device, it’s an important consideration to keep in mind.

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