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The process of international car shipping services is more tedious than local ones. It demands longer distances, more documentary requirements, licenses, and compliance with legal aspects set by international partners. The different international car shipping methods take place through air or water.


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International Car Transportation via Air

International vehicle transportation by air is the most efficient way if you value time and speed of delivery. However, there are several factors to consider before availing this type of service. You must search for the most reputable air carrier who is open for arrangements regarding your car’s special needs. You should also weigh the value of your car against high air transportation costs because strong air turbulence can depreciate your vehicle easily.

Prior to shipping your car through air, take note of these reminders to ensure a smooth and safe process:

  1. You can only ship your car and not the things inside it.
  2. Your car must be functioning well and must contain no more than 12.5% of gas in its tank.
  3. You should provide key duplicates to your carrier.
  4. You must make sure that your car passes different clearances. Your car must be free from securities and legal claims before letting carriers take control of it.

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International Car Transportation via Sea

International vehicle transportation via sea is recommended if you want to spend less. However, you must consider the following factors before you choose this service:

  1. You must take note of the shipping rules, costs, taxes, and duties of the importing country.
  2. The type of vehicle you will ship must pass the standards and requirements of the importing country.
  3. You should secure all documents such as the vehicle title and permission letter for the shipper.
  4. You should empty your car from any belongings prior to shipping, except for a spare tire and a car jack.

There are different shipping methods depending on your preferences and needs.

  1. Roll on/roll off allows you to drive your car on to the ship at your local port and drive your car off the ship upon reaching the port of another country. This is the more affordable option because your car shares the space with other different vehicles.
  2. Container shipping secures your car in a container. It is safer compared to the first option because this method protects your car from external threats and shocks that usually happen in the middle of the sea.

If you reside in Santa Maria and wish to move in another country, A-1 Auto Transport would be glad to help you make the process easier. Call 1-800-452-2880, and get your best deal for free.

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