Working With International Car Shipping Agents

In the car transport industry, especially as it relates to internationally shipping, agents play a large role. “What exactly is an agent?” you may be wondering. In this blog post, we’ll answer that questions and explore the role than agent plays in the process of shipping a car, and how they can help you in getting your vehicle successfully shipped from one country to another.

The term agent can refer to two separate but related things in auto transport. It can either mean the person from the company that you speak with over the phone or through email, or it can be an auto transport broker. They more or less do the same job but on a different scale. An in-house agent coordinates the needs of the customer with the drivers of the carriers to keep shipments organized and on time. A broker coordinates deliveries between customers and companies for the same purpose.

An agent can be a helpful resource and this is particular true when dealing with the laws, taxes, and customs of another country. There are plenty of companies that have experience shipping cars throughout the U.S., but not many have the requisite experience overseas to truly call themselves experts. An international car shipping agent can help you find a qualified shipper to do the job right.

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 How An Agent Can Help You Ship A Car Overseas.

One thing that an auto transport agent brings to the table is that they have a thorough understanding of shipping cars internationally. This helps you as a customer in a variety of ways. Foremost among them is the fact that they are experienced in dealing with the laws, taxes, and requirements of having a car shipped to various different countries. This can be invaluable as it’s not always easy to make sure you have all your ducks in a row, especially if you’re trying to organize everything yourself. A good shipping agent not only takes care of these concerns but several others.

This means that complicated aspects of international auto shipping like taxes, duties, and vehicle harmonization rule will be clearly spelled out for you. It’s pretty easy to imagine a worst-case scenario in which these things are not communicated and, unfortunately, it does happen. Unsuspecting customers are caught off-guard by unexpected delays and expenses just because the shipper didn’t mention something like the different engine displacement requirements of another country.

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