The Cost of Shipping a Car to Nepal

The cost of shipping a car to Nepal through a transport company is less expensive than trying to find alternative ways to travel the country once your relocate. Buying an automobile in another country is very hard and so is trying to use the public transportation available.

Language and currency barriers can be avoided more if you have your own vehicle to get around.

Auto transport services are affordable for most budgets. They are worth any penny spent, especially when you have the professionals helping you gain import approval from Customs. Complying with the import policies of an unfamiliar country isn’t easy. You should call the Embassy of Nepal to learn the laws currently set for auto imports.

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Don’t Forget to Pay the Import Duties.

Part of preparing the documents and proof needed for Customs is to show them that you paid the import taxes. It may take some time save enough money to pay the import duties. You should know the exact percentage rates a couple months in advance. They must be paid in full for Customs to approve the vehicle for import into Nepal.

Nepal’s import duty rates vary, but can easily be as high as 140% of the CIF. Other taxes such as VAT will also apply. The embassy or Customs office will explain the costs of import duties so that you understand them better.

The Cost of Shipping Is Based Off a Few Details.

Aside from the tariffs and duties that must be paid to the country, you will have to pay the transporter for shipping costs. Your final shipping cost is based on a number of things. That’s why transporters offer quotes online and over the phone. Without providing them with certain details, the cost of shipping will remain unknown.

  • The desired shipping services and method of transport.
  • The vehicle’s make and model.
  • The distance in which the vehicle must travel from the U.S. to the Philippines.
  • Details about the condition of the car.

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