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La Vega is the third largest city of the Dominican Republic. Geographically it is situated in the heart of the country and is a center for trade in the country. If you are coming to La Vega to stay for a while due to work or school, you may want to consider bringing your own vehicle with you to enjoy driving around La Vega.

Many prolong importing their vehicles in fear of the high cost to transport and the condition and safety of their vehicles while in route. However, if you consider how much the cost of a taxi is as often as you need one and the price of a rental car, importing your own vehicle may not seem as bad as you thought. Hiring a company like A1 Auto Transport Service to oversee your vehicle importing from one country to another can help to bring it to you in the same condition as you left it.

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Professional Automobile Transport Services.

Hiring A1 Auto Transport, one of the most trusted names in international auto shipping industry, will transport your vehicle from the United States to La Vega is one way to ensure that everything goes the way that it should. We will ensure that all paperwork is handed in on time. Our company’s representatives will inspect your vehicle prior to your export date and help you get your vehicle ready to travel. You will want to ensure that your vehicle is taken care of and A1 Auto Transport service will ensure that there is no way worry. You will need to give us a copy of your driver’s license and your social security number as well as issue them power of attorney over your vehicle which gives them the permission they need to transport your vehicle from the port in the United States to La Vega.

Shipping a Vehicle to La Vega.

When you are ready to load your vehicle onto the ship, you have two different shipping methods to choose from; Roll On’ Roll Off and Container Shipping.

Roll On/ Roll Off method of shipping is the easiest way to ship your vehicle. With this method, your vehicle is driven or rolled onto the deck of the ship where it is placed in a bay and fastened down for the trip. This method of shipping is the most cost effective way to ship your vehicle and it is the quickest.

Container shipping method is the best way to ship your vehicle in a safe and secure way. This method involves loading your vehicle inside of a container and then securing the container before it is loaded onto the deck of the ship. This is a more expensive way to transport your vehicle but it is ideal for those who have classic cars or expensive cars that cannot be exposed to the elements of weather.

Your shipping agent will go over the pros and cons of each of these options and help you create the option that works best for you. A1 Auto Transport Service will be able to guide you through the entire process and help you pass through customs checkpoint so you can get your car as soon as possible. Not following procedures set forth by customs can cause your vehicle to be quarantined.

Going through Customs.

In order to obtain your vehicle in San Cristobal, it must pass customs as it enters. There are lots of information found on the United States Customs page regarding the rules and regulations of exporting and importing vehicles as well as any travel advisories issued. You can also contact the Embassy of the Dominican Republic for any local laws too. In order to import your vehicle, you must follow the regulations which state that only one vehicle is allowed for personal use in La Vega. The engine size of that vehicle cannot be more than six cylinders and it cannot be labeled as a luxury vehicle. Once the vehicle arrives, it will need to go to customs checkpoint. You, the owner or the power of attorney, must be present at this time. All taxes and duties will need to be paid upon inspection. It’s important that you don’t delay the process by having the following paperwork available for customs:

  • Your driver’s license, valid.
  • Sales invoice showing you purchased the vehicle.
  • Car title.
  • Car registration.
  • Consular invoice that includes the Dominican Republic Consular Stamp.

You will need to have all the paperwork prepared and ready to show customs in order to speed the process up. If you are missing even one paper or if your signature doesn’t match what is on your identification, your import may be denied and need to be exported back to the United States and wait the given amount of time before you can import again.

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