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Shipping Your Car to Kuwait from the United States.

Shipping A Car To Kuwait.

Typical Shipping Prices – How Much Does It Cost?

  • The normal range of shipping costs to Kuwait is from $3,100 to $6,500 from the U.S.
  • There are limits on who can import a vehicle into the country, as well as what type of vehicles, so make sure you’re familiar with the regulations beforehand.

Though there are very strict protocols, shipping your car to Kuwait from the United States is possible. Doing so requires a great deal of due diligence in examining every single requirement and making sure that each one is satisfied adequately. There’s very little leeway at Kuwaiti customs.

Fortunately, A-1 Auto is aware of every single requirement and will help you to determine if you’re eligible to ship your vehicle. Given that it’s a complex process with all of their rules and regulations, you do not want to have to pay extra fees or spend an exorbitant amount of time due to delays.

Situated at the top of the Persian Gulf, Kuwait shares a border with both Saudi Arabia and Iraq and has a population of around 4 million. Though it has been a country that has relied heavily on oil exports, it has branched out into other industries in recent years.

Now it maintains its status as one of the wealthiest Arab nations and is ruled by a constitutional monarchy. It has fair tariff rates, with its average being 4.1%, but one of the issues with shipping your vehicle from the United States to Kuwait is that there is still a high level of corruption on occasion. However, it does have a copious amount of open-market policies that promote free trade.

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Import Recommendations

Compared to many other countries, Kuwait has put in place strict restrictions on who can import vehicles from overseas. Arabic is the official language of the country, though English is spoken by many of its citizens. Government officials and business professionals are expected to speak it, and it’s mandatory for citizens to learn it in school.

Before examining the document requirements for shipping a vehicle to Kuwait from the United States, you must first see if you even qualify. The following are the conditions that must be met, with no exceptions:

  • Non-Kuwaiti citizens must be sponsored by an employer in Kuwait, and it has to subsequently be shipped through that employer’s name.
  • Kuwaiti nationals can ship a vehicle without having to obtain an employee sponsor.

In other words, if you’re not a Kuwaiti national, you will not be able to ship your vehicle unless you have an employer there than can sponsor it.

Required Documents For Shipping A Vehicle To Kuwait.
  1. Valid Driver’s License.
  2. Copy of Passport.
  3. Purchase Invoice / Bill of Sale (Price, Date, and Location of Original Purchase)
  4. Certificate of Registration.
  5. Bill of Lading.
  6. Power of Attorney.
  7. Original Title of Automobile.
  8. Proof of ownership.
  9. Import certificate.
  10. Certificate of origin.

*There’s a 5% duty fee that’s owed at customs. This 5% fee is taken from the value of the automobile, the cost of shipping, and the marine insurance fee. A-1 Auto will help to limit as many of the fees as possible.

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Shipping Methods.

The best way to ship your vehicle to Kuwait is through ocean freight. Other options would be to time consuming and expensive to seriously consider. The two methods that A-1 Auto offers are:

  • Roll-On and Roll-Off Service: This method is best for those who are only shipping a vehicle and aren’t also shipping personal items as well. It’s the cheaper out of the two methods and involves placing your vehicle on a secure car deck.
  • Container Service: Choosing the container service does mean that you’ll have to pay more, but you’ll also get a bit more security and a faster arrival time. Your car will be placed in a special individual container that can also host other personal items, though they cannot be placed inside of the vehicle.

It can take between a week to two weeks for everything to be delivered.

Main Ports of Arrival.

Kuwait has three main ports, all in the proximity of Kuwait City, located within the Persian Gulf. The three main ports are:

  • Port of Shuwaikh.
  • Port of Shuaiba.
  • Port of Doha.

After arriving at the port, you will need to provide the customs agent with a temporary import permit and a letter from the employee that has sponsored you, both of which you would need to obtain in advance.

Kuwait’s roads and highways are well-developed, so you shouldn’t experience much difficulty in driving to your final destination.

A-1 Auto will take care of everything for you and will help you out with any eligibility questions that you may have. Contact us today!

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