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Safe And Reliable Rhode Island Car Shipping Services By A-1 Auto Transport

It may be small in size, but Rhode Island is huge in culture and entertainment. In fact, it is known as the Ocean State, so you can bet that ocean-based activities are huge here. Take a jaunt out on the Atlantic to swim, kayak, surf or just enjoy the sugary coastlines that line the state. It actually has a water boundary in common with Long Island and is bordered also by Massachusetts and Connecticut. As the first state to declare independent from England back in 1776, there is a great deal of history associated with this state as well. It should be noted that the state is about 14 percent water, which is also part of how it got its Ocean State moniker. As an aside, there is a rare piece of rock found in the state called Cumberlandite. It is only found here, in the town of Cumberland no less and is an ore of iron.

Traditionally, the economy of this state has been based on the fishing industry. However, many companies have begun to glimpse the value of the proximity of this state to other major financial centers in the northeast. A number of very large corporations are headquartered here, including Citizens Financial Group, Hasbro, GTECH, FM Global and much more. Whether you are just stopping through to take advantage of the many tourist activities that Rhode Island has to offer, or you are relocating here for business, you are going to need your car to move around comfortably. This is the purpose for utilizing Rhode Island auto shipping so that you can get from one place to the next with ease and convenience in your own vehicle.

Table of Contents

  1. Rhode Island Cost & Time To Ship Your Car Examples
  2. Car Shipping Companies In Rhode Island
  3. Using Rhode Island Car Transport Companies
  4. Long Distance Auto Transport to/from Rhode Island
  5. International Auto Transport from/to Rhode Island
  6. Cheap Car Transportation Options in Rhode Island
  7. Shipping Luxury and Classic Cars in Rhode Island
  8. Rhode Island Special Discounts
  9. Safety Measures
  10. Rhode Island Auto Shipping Video
  11. How to Request a Price Estimate
  12. Rhode Island Auto Transport Companies Directory
  13. Rhode Island Car Registration
  14. Vehicles Bought from a Car Dealership
  15. Vehicles Bought from a Private Seller
  16. Rented Vehicles
  17. Registering a Vehicle Transported from Canada
  18. Vehicle Registration for Non-Residents and Military Members
  19. The Transfer of a Vehicle from Another State
  20. Fees for the Registration of Automobiles
  21. Request for a Duplicate Certificate of Registration
  22. License Plates in Rhode Island
  23. Other Rhode Island Resources

Cost & Time To Ship Your Car Examples

Shipping To/FromCostDistanceEstimated Time
In Transit
Providence to New York$181181 miles1 – 2 days
Philadelphia to Providence$277277 miles2 – 4 days
Providence to Washington$406406 miles2 – 4 days
Ohio to Rhode Island$525700 miles3 – 5 days
Providence to Indianapolis$672896 miles3 – 5 days
Miami to Rhode Island$8691449 miles4 – 6 days
Rhode Island Louisiana$9321554 miles5 – 7 days
Oklahoma to Rhode Island$9881647 miles5 – 7 days
Rhode Island to Texas$11631938 miles5 – 7 days
Las Vegas to Rhode Island$10742686 miles7 – 9 days
Providence to Los Angeles$11912977 miles7 – 9 days

*Prices and times are estimated. They can vary depending on the season and what type of vehicle you are shipping.

Car Shipping Companies Near Me

Looking for auto transport companies near you in Rhode Island? Did you know that moving your vehicle from Providence to Phoenix, Arizona, is 2,500+ miles? That would take you 40-hours to drive and makes for a long haul if you are also moving other family members and pets. If you’d like to try a different approach, you can connect with our team to plan your transport service. We will look after your vehicle while you choose a different mode of getting to Arizona (or anywhere else) safely.  Head to A1 Auto Transport to compare brokerages and carriers with trucks in your area right now.

Using Rhode Island Car Transport Companies

When you are looking to book Rhode Island car transport services, keep a few key tips in mind.

  • Prepare your vehicle for wherever you plan to go while in Rhode Island: If you plan to do quite a bit of traveling while in Rhode Island, then make sure to plan accordingly when prepping your vehicle. Depending on the distance you have to travel, you may not want to fill up fluids, but you can go ahead and research a service station ahead of time to re-fill everything upon your car’s arrival in Rhode Island.
  • Do your research on Rhode Island auto transport companies: Find the transport company that most fits your needs. For example, if you want a company that can get your car from Rhode Island to California, then you are going to want someone national. This is the kind of thing to look at when choosing a company.
  • Ask about specials and/or discounts: There are generally specials available to first-time transporters or for those that stay with the same company for transport purposes over and over again. Ask about any specials ahead of booking your transport to see if the company is offering any incentive to book.

Visit the Rhode Island Department of Transportation website for more information on Rhode Island and the plentiful opportunities in which it can offer those visiting or relocating to the state.

Long Distance Auto Transport to/from Rhode Island

Shipping your vehicle with an auto carrier is recommended if you are relocating to Rhode Island, and you’d like to take it with you without driving hundreds of miles. As a side note, remember you will need to update your license and registration before your relocation.

Scheduling your move in advance is helpful, so your car is moved within the time frame which best meets your schedule. If you are shipping multiple vehicles, you may want to move them with an open carrier at the same time.

On the other hand, we recommend an enclosed carrier if you are shipping a special car for the complete protection it offers. Expedited pick-ups are available at an additional cost. You may contact us directly for any additional details, questions, or concerns.

International Auto Transport from/to Rhode Island

International Auto Transport is highly dependent on the type of car your shipping, your budget, and your circumstances. In general, expensive vehicles are transported with enclosed carriers and containers. There are cheaper ways to transport them as well, but scratcher or small dents may appear during transport.

This is due to various weather elements, road debris, and occasionally other automobiles. Of course, this is not a problem for normal vehicles, but for antiques and show cars, owners may want to avoid it. To arrange for the appropriate type of transportation for your particular vehicle, call our staff now.

Cheap Car Transportation Options in Rhode Island

The biggest factors influencing transportation costs are the vehicle’s size/weight, the distance it needs to be shipped over, and the auto transport company you’re using.

The larger your car and the longer the distance you want to transport it across, the more you’ll have to pay. These factors cannot be influenced.

However, it’s the auto transport company which sets up the prices. Smaller companies may be forced to increase their costs due to lack of trucks and personnel. For example, if the company doesn’t have a carrier near your location due to having a small fleet, it will have to charge more due to fuel and other expenses.

On the other hand, companies like A1 Auto Transport with a large fleet at their disposal have carriers in most parts of the US, so their prices are more affordable. We also offer open carrier and terminal services, so the cost is even lower.

Open carriers can ship more cars at a time than enclosed one, so they’re cheaper to use. Also, by taking your automobile to a terminal instead of going for the door to door option, the price is lowered further.

Finally, our seasonal offerings and discounts lower the total transportation cost even further. Call our Rhode Island office for more details.

Shipping Luxury and Classic Cars in Rhode Island

A1 Auto Transport is used to shipping luxury and classic cars to and from Rhode Island, so our services are very reliable. We offer several options for such transports, depending on our clients’ requirements.

Of course, we recommend enclosed carriers, due to their extra security and speed of delivery. The cost is higher, but your exotic, antique, luxury, or classic car will be protected inside the trailer from both the elements and thieves. Neither pebbles, rain, nor wind can get to it, and outsiders cannot see what we’re carrying.

Rhode Island Special Discounts

Our special discounts cover military members who wish to transport POVs, students, and seniors as well. We understand the last 2 groups may not afford to transport their automobiles at the normal price, hence the discount. Anyone facing financial problems can also take advantage of our seasonal offerings by choosing a shipping date in a less crowded time of the year. You may call our office for more details.

Auto Transport Safety Measures in Rhode Island

Our carriers are perfectly safe as repeatedly proven with each transport. We maintain them regularly to make sure there aren’t any malfunctions. Each one has straps that keep vehicles immobile throughout the journey. This way, they cannot get damaged by running into others on the platform.

On open carriers, your car may get hit by the elements or by pebbles flying towards it, though this is rarely the case. The surrounding beams act as a barrier against such situations. However, if you’re still worried about your vehicle’s safety, you can opt for an enclosed carrier. You can get more details over the phone.

Services And Information

A-1 Auto Transport ships vehicles worldwide. Click here or call 1-800-452-2880 to get a free, no obligation to buy price quote to ship your car.

How to Request a Price Estimate

Scroll to the top of this page and access either the online form or our phone number for this purpose. The form can be used either through the “Quote Calculator” on the page or by clicking “Get an Instant Quote”, which will direct you to a separate page with no distractions.

The reason we also leave our phone number available for obtaining estimates is to help clients who either have questions regarding the auto transport process or have a difficult situation. If your car is situated in a hard to access area or is broken, it’s best you speak to us directly, so we may find a way to work around the problem. Such a phone call takes only a few minutes and some past clients managed to save up to 15% by negotiating a cheaper transport arrangement.

Rhode Island Auto Transport Companies Directory


East Coast Auto Transport

East Coast is situated in Riverside but can move your car around locally or statewide, depending on your needs.

115 Amaral Street, Riverside, RI



Sharp Automobile Transport

This local company provides enclosed, container and open-air auto transport, as well as transport options for boats and motorcycles.

180 Weeden StreetPawtucket, RI



John’s Auto Transport

John’s Auto Transport provides a wide range of transport services aimed at getting your car from one point to the next.

163 Danielson Pike, Foster, RI

401-647-9550 ‎


United Road Services Davisville

This national company casts a wide enough net to get your car to just about anywhere in Rhode Island and around the country as a whole.  Licensed, bonded and insured nationwide auto shippers with great BBB accredited customer reviews. Transports automobiles, vans, trucks, SUVs, motorcycles, boats and other heavy hauling with their open and enclosed auto transport carriers.

Thompson Rd, North Kingstown, RI

866-365-0023 ‎


Certified Auto Transport Inc

One of the only transport companies in the state, Certified Auto Transport provides services around the state and on a national level as well.

1600 Flat River Road, Coventry, RI

401-821-0020 ‎


Maddie’s Automobile Transport

Maddie’s is a locally-owned operation that provides transport services in the busy Johnston area.

21 Sunnyside Avenue, Johnston, RI

401-228-7899 ‎

Rhode Island Car Registration

For RI vehicle registration, you are required to go to the Department of Motor Vehicles with your driver’s license, car title, car insurance certificate and emissions certificate (if needed). You will have to pay some fees for registration and provide some additional documents and fees if the car you are registering was sold by a private seller. Your VIN must be inspected if you’re a new resident of Rhode Island.

New residents must visit the DMV within a 30 day registration period. During this time, provide the documents listed below:

  • A completed TR-1 Form.
  • A car insurance certificate.
  • A car title.
    • In case there is a lien on the car title, provide the DMV with a title copy with the lienholder on it.
    • If the vehicle has multiple owners registered on the title, personal participation of all the owners is required in the registration application.
  • A VIN certificate (applicable to vehicles with the 2001 model year or with a registration or title from another state).
    • Get in touch with your local law enforcement agency for a VIN inspection.
  • A RI ID card or driver’s license.
    • You will need to give your certificate of residency if you present a license from another state.
  • POA and T-333-1 Form for leased vehicles.
    • The rental company should be registered as the buyer.
  • Payment of fees for registration.

Your vehicle must be inspected within five days from the date of registration in Rhode Island. Vehicle registration has a 2 years validity period.

Registration of Vehicles in RI

The processes and requirements for registration vary contingent on how you obtained the vehicle, whether it was a gift or purchased from a seller/dealer. Moreover, there are several conditions for transferring vehicles from Canada to RI. See the information below.

Vehicles Bought from a Car Dealership

The dealer may provide a registration service with the Department of Motor Vehicles for the vehicle you bought. If not, you must register the vehicle yourself with the RI Department of Motor Vehicles and present the following documents:

  • A completed TR-1 Form;
    • The vehicle registration application must be signed by all the owners. After the registration, notarized signatures of the absent parties are required.
    • A MSO or title (if the car’s model year is 2001 or later).
  • A RI ID card or driver’s license.
  • A RI car insurance certificate.
  • A sales or use tax form from the dealer.
    • A T-334-2 Form for out-of-state motor vehicle dealer sales.
  • Proof of sale.
  • A POA for leased vehicles.
  • The payment of fees for registration and sales taxes.

A VIN inspection is needed before you can register a vehicle with a 2001 model year if its registration is from another state.

Vehicles Bought from a Private Seller

Submit the following to the RI Department of Motor Vehicles:

  • A completed TR-1 Form.
  • A car insurance certificate.
  • A completed T-334-2 Form.
  • A car title transfer (for vehicles with a 2001 model year or later)
  • Sale bill.
    • The sale bill or title must list the “gross vehicle mass (GVM)” of the vehicle.
  • A RI ID card or driver’s license.
  • Proof of transfer of ownership if needed (only for vehicles with no title).
    • If there are multiple owners registered on the title, all owners should personally participate in the registration process (the absent owners should be notarized).
  • A VIN certificate.
    • This is applicable to vehicles with a 2001 model year or latest with the registration or title from another state. Get in touch with your local law enforcement agency for a VIN inspection.
  • The payment of fees for vehicle registration in Rhode Island, including sales taxes. Refer to “Fees for the Registration of Vehicles” section below.

Your Rhode Island vehicle registration has 2 years validity.

Rented Vehicles

The Department of Motor Vehicles will not demand a title from the leasing company if the car you purchased is leased. Your lessor must submit for you the MCO or the authentic title.

You need to provide the documents mentioned above, including the following:

  • A POA provided by the rental company.
  • A completed T-333-1 Form (the rental company should be registered as the buyer)

Registering a Vehicle Transported from Canada

Vehicles from Canada should have their registration with the RI Department of Motor Vehicles head office in Cranston.

Bring the following:

  • A completed 7501 Form.
  • A VIN certificate.
    • Applicable only to vehicles with the 2001 model year or latest.
  • A NICB’s VIN certificate (from the Department of Motor Vehicles Enforcement Division in Cranston).
  • The Canadian vehicle registration. It should be under the legal name of the one registering a vehicle in RI.

Vehicle Registration for Non-Residents and Military Members

Military members

For RI military residents who are presently in Rhode Island, the process of registration is similar to the registration process for civilians.  Follow the procedures mentioned above for the registration of your vehicle.

For military members who are based or deployed outside of Rhode Island but would like to have their vehicles registered back in the state, get in touch with the Department of Motor Vehicles for inquiries on how to register through the mail.

Military members from outside the state based in RI can hold onto their license plates from the other state. If you are planning to establish a residency in the state, you may follow the procedures for the registration of your vehicle presented above.

The Transfer of a Vehicle from Another State

Visit the Department of Motor Vehicles head office in Cranston for the registration of a vehicle purchased overseas while on duty.

Present the documents listed below:

  • A MSO or an authentic out-of-state registration.
  • A photocopy of the car title with the lienholder on it (if there is a lien on the car title).
  • An original proof of sale or invoice.
  • A certificate of inspection from the NICB.
  • A VIN certificate.
  • A completed 7501 Form.
  • A completed 3520 Form.

Non residents

There is no need to get RI license plates if you are a student in a college in RI but stem from outside of the state. You can uphold your plates from another state while you are studying in Rhode Island.

Fees for the Registration of Automobiles

The rate of registration fees will depend on the weight of your vehicle.

Other fees that may apply:

  • $18.50 for a duplicate Rhode Island vehicle registration certificate.
  • $6.50 for an updated Rhode Island car registration certificate.
  • $1.50 for the technology fee.

Request for a Duplicate Certificate of Registration

For damaged, stolen or lost registrations, get a replacement immediately. You may visit the Department of Motor Vehicles or do it by mail.

Provide the documents listed below:

  • A completed TR-1 Form.
  • A photocopy of your car insurance.
  • A certificate of ownership (ex. car title).
  • The license plate number
  • A POA (for leased vehicles).

Submit the paperwork or mail them to the DMV.

Requirements for a vehicle inspection

 For vehicles registered every two years, a vehicle safety inspection and emissions testing is required. The vehicle safety inspection is performed to make sure your automobile is in perfect working condition and is not a risk to other road users. The emissions testing is performed to make sure it does not emit more pollutants than what is allowed.

License Plates in Rhode Island

You must obtain new plates and return all the remaining in case you lost one. You will be provided with new numbers. Identical license plate numbers can be ordered, but you have to wait for 3 months for them to arrive.

Provide the documents listed below for the license plate replacement application with the Department of Motor Vehicles:

  • Your car insurance certificate.
  • Your RI driver’s license.
  • A POA for leased vehicles.

For damaged license plates replacement, prepare the following:

  • A completed TR-1 Form.
  • A completed E45 Form
  • Payment of the fee for new license plate.

Other Rhode Island Resources

Rhode – official government website for the state of Rhode Island.

Rhode Island Wikipedia Page – everything you need to know about the state of Rhode Island.

University Of Rhode Island – Land Grant colleges were the brainchild of Senator Justin S. Morrill of Vermont to provide funding for higher education by a sale of public lands. On July 2, 1862, with our country engaged in a great civil war, Abraham Lincoln signed the Morrill’s Land Grant Act, which gave to each state thirty thousand acres of public lands for each senator and representative in Congress. The proceeds arising from sale, were to be invested, and the annual income was to be, in the words of the Morrill Act, “inviolably appropriated by each state, to the endowment, support, and maintenance, of at least one college, where the leading object shall be, without excluding, other scientific or classical studies, and including military tactics, to teach such branches of learning, as are related to agriculture, and mechanic arts, in such manner, as the Legislature of the states, may respectively prescribe, in order to promote, the liberal and practical education of the industrial classes, in the several pursuits and professions in life.”

Rhode Island On Craigslist – local classifieds and forums for jobs, housing, for sale, personals, services, local community, and events.

Joe Webster

Written by Joe Webster

Joe Webster began his journey in the auto transport field by attending the University of Southern California (USC), where he graduated with a Bachelor of Business Marketing.

After college, he started his career in the auto transport industry from the bottom up and has done virtually every job there is to do at A-1 Auto Transport, including but not limited to: Truck Driver, Dispatch, Sales, PR, Bookkeeping, Transport Planner, Transport Manager, International Transport Manager, Brokering, Customer Service, and Marketing. Working with his mentor Tony Taylor, Joe Webster has learned the ins and outs of this industry which is largely misunderstood.

With over 30 years experience in the industry, we've been helping people ship their vehicles, motorcycles, RV's, heavy equipment, household goods and more across the country or overseas without a hitch. Ask us anything.

Reviews from Customers in Rhode Island

  • The only thing I can say about A1 Auto Transport and Joe is they’re the only transport company you’ll ever need. They moved our vehicle to Virginia in February and the car got there on the exact day they promised. The driver notified us all throughout the transport.

    After a couple months, we had to go back to Rhode Island thanks to work. I found someone cheaper and figured I’d save a couple bucks. Big mistake. The driver was 10 hours late. He arrived at 2 am, woke up our kids, then yelled at us for complaining about it. I showed him the finger and he took off, leaving our cars stuck in the driveway. We had to catch a flight in 4 days.

    I called Joe. He was on vacation, and he still made it 1 day before our flight to pick up our cars. The driver was excellent, professional, and super friendly. Transportation went smoothly and we got our vehicles back 6 hours early. We met Joe once more when picking them up, and it was just perfect. As far as we’re concerned, they’re the perfect company.

    - Sean W.
  • After my dad’s passing, I decided to return to Rhode Island to support my mom. The last company I used to move a car was late by 3 days, so I went to the web once more and did my research.

    I went through several websites and asked for quotes, including A1 Auto Transport. It wasn’t the cheapest nor was it the most expensive company of the bunch, but I knew not to rely on price for these things.

    I’ve heard of quite a few scams from companies with really low rates. So, I called each one to get a better feel for them. To my questions, some of them got flustered, others didn’t know how to answer and said they’ll get back to me at a later date. One guy whom I pestered a bit too much simply hung up.

    But with A1 Auto Transport, it was a different story. Joe answered the first time and had no problem answering my questions. It was like he already knew I would ask them. His quote was also reasonable, so I asked him to arrange for a truck to pick up my car.

    My experience with A1 Auto Transport was a resounding success! Thank you Joe for the stellar service!

    - Brittany H.

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