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Shipping Cars To or From Port of Louisiana (Offshore Oil Port)

The Port of Louisiana, is an off shore oil port situated about 30 km off the coast of Louisiana in the Gulf of Mexico. Lousiana Offshore Oil Port -LOOP-as it’s affectionately called, deals with storage and offloading of crude oil.

Owing to the nature of LOOP, shipping cars to or from port of Louisiana is not permissible. You will have to transport your car to the nearby ports that ship cars. These ports include:

Before delivering cars to the above-stated ports you must take the following into account.


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Vehicle preparation

  • The vehicle must be completely free of any aftermarket add-ons like GPS navigation systems and external speakers. Failure to adhere to this will have you fined to the tune of $250 depending on the port you decide to ship through.
  • When preparing for Ro-Ro shipping, all personal belongings must be removed from the car. Keep in mind that insurance does not cover theft or damage of personal belongings.
  • Your gas tank should be at least filled a quarter way and should not exceed a half tank. This is to minimize any likely leaks while still offering enough gas for loading and offloading of the Ro-Ro ship.
  • Your car must be thoroughly cleaned and free of any plants and pests as stipulated by the United States Department of Agriculture.
  • The vehicle should be in peak working condition before you hand it over for dispatch. Keep in mind that any vehicle that can brake, be steered, rolled, and not be driven will call for manual intervention by the carrier. And this will, in turn, translate to extra charges for you.

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Customs regulations demand that you must have the following documents available regardless of the port of dispatch.

  • Three separate notarized copies of the certificate of title. The document is used to assert proof of ownership. In the event that there is a lien holder listed, you ought to accompany it with a letter of authorization from the lien holder permitting you to ship the
  • You should present a valid passport or a driver’s license to show proof of identity. In both instances, you ought to ensure the document is not expired. The picture should be recent to allow for easy recognition.
  • The vehicle inspection number is mandatory as well.
  • The master bill of lading should also be produced.

Cost & Quotes

The estimated vehicle shipping cost will depend on the following key factors

  • The size, type, condition, and whether or not it is custom-made. Ideally, a compact car will cost much less than a truck or an SUV owing to the difference in weight. Also, cars that bear aftermarket of customizations are often charged more.
  • The distance from the port of dispatch to the port of discharge. Suffice to say, the longer the distance, the steeper the pay.
  • The weather conditions.

However, you should take note that other than the auto shipper’s quotation you may incur additional port charges like wharfage and demurrage.

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