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Car shipping service providers in Napa do not only ship operational cars, but they also accept special cases. Two of these include shipping classic cars and damaged vehicles, even if they require special handling and attention before, during, and after the shipping process.


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Shipping Services for Classic or Vintage Cars

Shipping classic, vintage, or antique cars needs extra care from auto transport providers by using protective outer coverings, movement-resistant transport carriers, and safety cushions. This is usually applied on the enclosed auto transport, and the cost for this is slightly higher. The insurance coverage usually incurs additional costs because of the vehicles’ higher value.

Shipping Services for Damaged Cars

On the other hand, shipping damaged cars are more demanding because the auto transport provider must be sensitive not to add to the existing car damages.

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The following are the things to consider before shipping your damaged car:

  1. Cost of shipping. Transporting damaged vehicles has an additional cost of $100 because your service provider needs to use extra tools and services to lift, load, and unload your vehicle safely. The higher price also accounts for the extra effort of service providers to protect your damaged car from acquiring more damages caused by the movements of the ride. The other costs depend on the area of destination, the distance covered, and the situation of the route taken by the drivers.
  2. Equipment required in shipping a damaged car. Your car shipping service provider needs to use special tools and equipment such as trailers, rollback tow trucks, winches, and flatbed trucks. Aside from these, providers also need to pay their personnel for the extra service of transporting salvaged cars.
  3. Your responsibilities and efforts as the owner. You cannot blame your service provider completely for the problems they encounter along the way. You should ensure that your car can still perform the necessary functions such as rolling, steering, and braking. Make sure the tires are still working. Provide extra keys, and set your car’s gear to neutral. Inspect your car’s condition tediously, and give the report to your provider so that you can agree that you are liable for the existing damages. Remove unnecessary things, and empty your vehicle’s fluid levels.

If you wish to bring your classic vehicles or damaged cars outside Napa, call your safest and most reliable car shipping service provider. Call A-1 Auto Transport at 1-800-452-2880 to get your free quote today.

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