Las Vegas Motorcycle Shipping

Whether you are moving to Las Vegas, Nevada or you need to ship a motorcycle out there for someone, consider having it transported through a reliable shipping company. There are many different methods to choose from and an abundance of transport companies in the Las Vegas area. Transporting a motorcycle is easier than you might think and it isn’t all that expensive either.

As long as you take the time to find a company you feel is dependable, the shipping of your motorcycle should go along just fine. The company’s priority is to get the bike to where it needs to go safely, without causing it any harm. Many companies even offer insurance options for the shipping process to help put your mind at ease.

What are My Shipping Options for the Motorcycle?

When it comes to transporting the motorcycle, there are plenty of options available. It is all a matter of preference and your budget. Some methods will cost more than others. Weigh out the options and contact a few companies to get quotes. Below, are the shipping options you will have to choose from.

  • Enclosed Transport: A method of shipping in which the motorcycle is placed safely inside an enclosed trailer for transport.
  • Open Air Transport: A method of transport where the bike is placed on top of a flatbed trailer.
  • Crated Transport: This is a method where the motorcycle is strapped to a wooden pallet and then placed inside a small container. The motorcycle will need to be drained of all fluids and the battery will need to be disconnected.
  • Terminal to Terminal Transport: This is a service where the company requires the bike to be dropped off at a terminal for transport. It is then taken to another terminal in Las Vegas where it will need to be picked up.
  • Door to Door Transport: This is a service where the company comes to pick the bike up from where it is located. It is then dropped of wherever it is needed in the City of Las Vegas.

The Requirements to Prepare for Shipping

There are several things that must be done before a motorcycle can be shipped to Las Vegas. These are standard requirements. The only method of transport that doesn’t follow standard procedure is crated transport.

  • Clean the motorcycle thoroughly.

  • Document all preexisting damage and take pictures.

  • Check fluids, tire pressure and battery.

  • Make sure there is no more than a ¼ of a tank of gas in the bike.

  • Disable the alarm system.

  • Remove loose items from the bike.

Transport Companies in Las Vegas

Great American Auto Transport

1900 E. Tropicana Ave.

Las Vegas, NV 89119

(702) 979-1605

Auto Trans Broker Inc.

5320 W. Ganado Dr.

Las Vegas, NV 89103

(630) 701-9888

Roadway Auto Transport Las Vegas

2045 Village Center Cir.

Las Vegas, NV 89134

(702) 751-3627

Motorcycle Shipping: Tips & Frequently Asked Questions

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