How to Ship a Car from the USA to Kyrgyzstan Affordably

Believe it or not, the most affordable and practical way to ship a car to Kyrgyzstan from the United States is a skilled and dependable overseas transporter.

It doesn’t matter what services you choose, the company you hire to deliver and successfully import the vehicle into the country must have a proven track record in the industry of international auto transport.

Prior to shipping your car off with a transporter, call the Embassy of the Kyrgyz Republic. They will give you all the information you need to successfully have your car transported to the country without issues. They will tell you of their auto import restrictions and current tax rates. Show proof of compliance and all documents requested to the Customs office.

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Get Ready to See Your Car Off.

  • Wash dirt and grime off of the car’s exterior.
  • Make sure the security alarm is disabled if there is one.
  • Make sure the gas reading is not higher than ¼ of a tank full.
  • Document the condition of your vehicle and take pictures of the inside and outside.
  • Make sure the vehicle is operable and even have it inspected by a mechanic.
  • Lock the vehicle before it is loaded onto the ship and give the key to the transporter.
  • Fill all the car’s fluids and put air in the tires.
  • Remove any items that weren’t manufactured with the car. There are only a few items that can remain in the vehicle unless container transport is being used for the car’s relocation to Kyrgyzstan.

Preparing the car protects its condition and anyone managing the overseas transport. It also makes the cost of shipping less expensive by reducing the weight.

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