How Much Would It Cost to Ship a Car to South America?

How Much Would It Cost to Ship a Car to South America?

Shipping a car through a licensed transport company is the safest and most affordable way to have a car relocated to South America or anywhere else in the world. Anytime you need to ship a vehicle to another country, you must abide by the import policies of that nation. Experienced international auto transporters will have the knowledge and ability to help you comply with these regulations.


How Much Would It Cost to Ship a Car to South America?


The cost of shipping a car to South America is dependent on a lot of things and any transporter you go to will have their own rates. Make sure you don’t hire the first transport company to offer the lowest estimate. They should have a positive reputation and the right certifications to prove their legitimacy and success as an auto transporter.

What Affects the Cost of Shipping?

  • Cost of fuel at the time of the transport
  • The method of transport used to ship the car
  • The distance between the pickup and drop off points
  • The time of year the transport is being made

Before the car is permitted to enter the country in South America that you’re trying to send it to, all import taxes must be paid in full. Customs will expect to see proof of paid taxes along with the other requested documentation. Without the documents requested and all policies fulfilled, the car will get denied access into the country.

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Insurance Coverage during Transport

All licensed transport companies are required to carry the minimal amount of insurance coverage. However, it is wise to have full coverage especially when the car is making its way such a long distance or into another country. Ask the transport company what their insurance covers during the transport of your vehicle. If you wish for more coverage, ask them if you can purchase additional insurance.

What Is the Cheapest Method of Transport?

There are several methods of transport available to those who need to ship a car to South America. Open air methods are the least expensive. Whether the car is to ship through ground transport or by water vessel, open air transport is available. Although the vehicle isn’t protected against poor weather, this method is a reliable way of transport. The car is secured tightly to the hauler by the experienced hands of professionals using the latest and most durable shipping tools and pieces of equipment.

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