How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Motorcycle?

For the most part, shipping a motorcycle is not much different from shipping a car, except when it comes to the cost. Due to the lower weight and smaller size of motorcycles, they are cheaper to transport than most other types of vehicles. As you probably guessed, the bigger and heavier the bike, the more it will likely cost to ship.

To give you an idea of the expected costs of shipping a motorcycle, we’ve put together some prices from recent shipments. It should be noted that these numbers reflect the specifics of a particular request, but they are a good baseline from which to work if you’re trying to estimate a price. For a more accurate price that is tailored to your bike and shipping request, we can be reached both over the phone and by email.

Motorcycle Shipping Prices.

  • Los Angeles, CA to Denver, CO – $561
  • Houston, TX to Miami, FL – $577
  • New York, NY to Seattle, WA – $1,035
  • Minneapolis, MN to Phoenix, AZ – $803
  • Boston, MA to Jacksonville, FL – $694
  • Chicago, IL to Reno, NV – $953
  • San Diego, CA to Sturgis, SD – $817
  • Columbus, OH to Albuquerque, NM – $745

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Factors That Affect Motorcycle Shipping Costs.

Shipping distance and location are far and away the most important elements that come into play when pricing the cost of shipping a motorcycle. Weight is also a factor, which is tied to the distance: the longer the distance and heavier the motorcycle, the more the cost will be. Shipping internationally costs more, is usually done aboard a transport ship, and often involves duties, import taxes, and plenty of paperwork.

  • Distance – By far the biggest indicator of price when shipping a motorcycle is the distance it’s being shipped. That’s not surprising if you consider the tremendous distances covered by the shipper and then multiply it by the number of bikes being hauled. True to form, shipping a motorcycle overseas will cost more than shipping it across the country, which costs more than shipping within the same state or to a nearby state.
  • Location – Where your motorcycle is located can have more of an impact on the total cost than you might think. If your starting point is a rural town in the Midwest, it will be more expensive to pick up the bike than if it was in a larger city or metropolitan area. Similarly, if your shipping from one major city to another, that is generally more easy to accommodate and the price will reflect that.
  • Size & weight – Motorcycles can vary significantly in their weight and dimensions, both of which have an affect on the cost. Bikes that are smaller can be easily crated for transport, whereas larger bikes may need other preparations for shipping, such as tie downs to secure it during transport.

Motorcycle Shipping: Tips & Frequently Asked Questions

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