How Much Does It Cost to Ship a Car to South Korea through an Overseas Auto Transport Company?

Hiring an experienced and reputable international transport company to ship a car to South Korea is the most reassuring way to relocate a vehicle safely. It takes a freight ship, durable transport equipment, trained professionals, and a good understanding of foreign import policies to deal with overseas auto transport.

Luckily, there are a lot of great transporters throughout the U.S. Find one nearby your home that maintains a good reputation for their international shipping services.

Fortunately, auto shipping services aren’t expensive. You can find reasonably priced shipping services throughout the U.S. Start by looking nearest to you for a dependable, well-known overseas transporter.

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Import Duties Rates.

What have the potential to be expensive are the taxes that must be paid in order for import to be approved. South Korea is one of the few countries that carry lower duty rates.  However, they can change their import policies and tax rates frequently if they wish, so contact the Embassy of Korea to get the current policy information. It’s best to call a couple months in advance so you can prepare accordingly.

The Costs of Shipping.

To put an exact figure on the shipping costs for an auto transport from the U.S. to South Korea is impossible without providing the transport company with some details. Certain factors affect the costs of shipping.

  • The shipping method and services purchased from the transport company.
  • The distance that must be traveled to reach the destination.
  • How much the vehicle weighs and what type of vehicle it is.

To receive a quote before you decide to buy services, provide the requested information to the transport company. Within minutes, they can give you an estimate of what the transport will cost.

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