How Much Does It Cost to Ship a Car to Croatia Using Container Shipping Services?

It’s only easy to ship a vehicle if you decide to buy professional shipping services. International auto transporters use several different methods to ship cars across the globe.

The first and least expensive method used to ship a car to Croatia is called, the RO/RO (roll on/roll off) method.

The RO/RO method is reliable and easy to prepare for. You will need to remove any personal items from your vehicle including possessions stored inside of the trunk. If your vehicle is leaking fluids such as oil or gasoline, make sure to have it repaired by a mechanic.

This type of shipping is available to manufacturers, dealers, and anyone trying to ship their car internationally. Once your car undergoes a brief assessment, it will be rolled onto the flat top of the ship and tied down. Remember that this method leaves your vehicle open to outside hazards. It is recommended to anyone transporting a car of high value.

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Benefits of Container Shipping and How It Works.

There are many advantages to shipping your car inside of a container, but this form of transport is more expensive. This shipping solution is recommended for anyone who has a very expensive auto or an antique. Shippers using this type of transport are permitted to ship other household goods inside of their vehicle and in the extra space of the container. The Embassy of Croatia will tell you all about the country’s import laws and tax rates associated with the goods you’re shipping over.

Cars being sent to Croatia inside of a container do not need to be drivable. Dissimilar from the RO/RO shipping method, your vehicle will be placed inside of a secure container completely safe from the elements. This form of transport also provides the most protection against theft.

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