How Much Does It Cost to Ship a Car to Argentina through Open Air Services?

The cost of shipping a car to Argentina from the United States is hard to determine without some details about the vehicle and its owner. It’s safe to say that if you decide that you want to ship your car using the open air service; it is your least expensive option.

You can get a better idea of what shipping will cost when you contact a few transport companies about a quote. Mention that you prefer the open air service also referred to as RO/RO shipping.

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What Affects the Price of Transport?

  • The make and model of the car.
  • The weight of the vehicle and any other possessions being transported.
  • The distance that must be traveled for delivery.
  • Shipping services.

You can collect quotes from most transport companies online or by phone. An overseas shipping company should possess certain characteristics if you’re going to hire them for your car’s transport to Argentina. Ask them questions and compare the quotes you received before you decide to hire.

About RO/RO Shipping Services.

Delivering a car with the RO/RO shipping method means that it is secured atop a flatbed ship and taken overseas to its destination. This is a common form of shipping for many people, especially dealerships and manufacturers. Although the cars are left open to outdoor elements while it travels to Argentina, this open air service ensures a successful delivery at the lowest cost. Make sure your car is protected by insurance coverage if you choose to ship through this method.

Argentina’s Import Duties and Tariffs.

Argentina has its own auto import laws and tax rates. You must call the embassy to find out what the precise import duty and tariff rates are before you ship your car. Pay them all as soon as possible and show proof of payment to Customs. Customs will release a certificate of import approval for your car after they receive the proper documentation.

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