Dubai Vehicle Registration Process


Understanding The Vehicle Registration Process In Dubai

As with most other cities around the world, vehicles in Dubai must be registered and insured before they can be legally driven. Once registration is done initially, it must be renewed each year. This article will detail some of the major points and finer details of the process and what you can expect when registering a car, truck, or motorcycle in the UAE.

In order to register a vehicle in Dubai, you’ll be required to submit the following forms and information:

  • Passport with copy
  • Dubai driver license
  • Proof of insurance
  • Previous registration
  • License plates (original)

If the vehicle is more than three years old, it must undergo an inspection at an approved facility. You can find a map of the approved facilities, provided by the Roads and Transport Authority at the links at the bottom of this page. If your car does not pass the inspection test, you have 31 days to fix the issue and do another inspection. When you pass the inspection, you’ll receive the registration sticker.



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Dubai Vehicle Registration Procedure & Steps

The total cost for the entire process (speaking of registration only here) is roughly $200, or about 730 dirham. If there are any outstanding fines or tickets on the vehicle, those will need to be settled before the vehicle can be legally registered in Dubai. Here are the necessary steps to take to get proper registration and license plates:

  • Visit a Dubai Traffic Department office
  • Pay any applicable fees or fines
  • Complete form
  • Await confirmation (usually only a couple minutes)
  • Get registration and plates
  • Send copies to insurance

Vehicle Inspection

There are two main types of vehicle inspection tests you’ll be faced with if you’re brining in a vehicle from another country. The first is New Vehicle Registration Test, which applies to all those which have been purchased outside of the UAE. The second test is the Periodic Vehicle Test, which is the standard test given to all vehicles on renewal of inspection.

If an inspection test is failed, you will have 30 days to retest.

Prior to the inspection, you should make sure the vehicle is clean and has no stickers. You’ll also need to make sure the vehicle has a spare tire, fire extinguishers, and safety triangle.

Vehicular Resources For Dubai

Dubai Roads & Transport Authority – A good general resource for finding information about obtaining a driver license in Dubai, license plates, and numerous other vehicle services.

Vehicle Registration Information – For more information about the process of registering a vehicle in Dubai, this link provides contact information and expected costs.

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