Why Do Auto Transport Quotes Vary?

When you are in the process of deciding which auto transport broker to use to ship your vehicle, one of the things that you’ll notice is how much auto transport quotes vary by a large amount between different companies. With many of the auto transport companies offering free, instant quotes, seeing these variations may confuse you.

Though choosing to automatically go with the company offering the lowest quote is not the smartest option, understanding why auto transport quotes vary will help you to make a better-informed decision.

Some Companies Hide Hidden Charges.

Not all auto transport brokers are completely forthcoming upfront. The less transparent ones may provide you with a low upfront quote, but it may not be that accurate. That’s because they may have various hidden charges or charges that won’t appear until later on. Some of these charges can include:

  • Pick-up fees;
  • Delivery fees;
  • Hook-up fees;
  • Mileage fees (over a certain amount);
  • State highway fees;

Of course, while there are some auto transport companies that hide these hidden fees with their initial quote, companies such as A-1 Auto Transport, are completely forthcoming about fees from the very beginning. This might explain the differences in quotes that you’re provided with.

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Different Prices Per Mile.

When you’re inputting your information to receive an auto transport quote, keep in mind that each company has a different set of prices that they charge per mile when calculating your costs. Even though you may be entering the exact same information with two different companies, one company may charge a higher amount per mile than another.

Of course, fluctuations in fuel prices can change the amount that you’re charged per mile in the general sense, but some companies react more to these fluctuations than others.

The Auto Transport Broker’s Carrier Relationships.

Some auto transport brokers have certain carrier relationships that allow them to provide better deals to their customers. This is usually a case of the carrier providing a cheaper price to the broker, which they make up for by having a steady stream of customers provided to them. Carrier relationships are important for many brokers, as they allow the brokers to both increase their profit margins and to pass on some of the savings to their customers.

The Number of Vehicles Being Transported.

In some situations, the auto transport carrier that is transporting a higher number of vehicles along a certain route will charge less than a carrier that is transporting fewer vehicles. The auto transport carrier transporting seven vehicles on a trailer, for example, will charge less than one who is transporting just two vehicles along the same route. In many instances, larger auto transport carriers provide better prices as a result. They are able to make up the difference in charging less than smaller companies through the volume of sales.

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