The Reasons Why Terminal to Terminal Shipping is No Longer Common


Though it still exists, terminal-to-terminal auto transport is not nearly as common as it used to be. It actually is not very common at all these days and can be hard to find. Now, assuming that you are familiar with this shipping method, which you will be if you’ve ever used auto transport before the internet took over, you can point to the following reasons for why it’s no longer common:

Auto Transport Brokers Don’t Use Them

Ironically, one of the main reasons why car transport brokers don’t try and broker arrangements to ship to terminals anymore is that they are not easy to find. A few decades ago, they were one of the most common shipping methods available, but today, it is much more rare, especially since the internet has emerged.

Auto transport brokers are finding that it is simply not worth the effort, as customers are now able to have more personalization and chose from shipping options that include door-to-door delivery and locations much closer to them. Having to drop off and pick up a vehicle from a terminal instead of having a carrier come straight to their door is not an appealing choice.

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They’re Not Efficient

Terminal shipping is simply not an efficient process. It involves much more paperwork and red tape, meaning that the “instantaneous” process that customers expect today isn’t possible. This is not to mention that terminal shipping also experiences more delays compared to other shipping methods that are available.

With the internet, customers often have the option to have personalized routes, pick-up, and delivery points, and can more easily track their orders, meaning that door-to-door transport is quickly becoming the number one choice of consumers, at least domestically.

For customers, this means less time spent away from their car, and for auto transport brokers, this means that they don’t have to deal with the potential liabilities that can occur if a car is damaged while being stationed at the terminal.

They’re Not That Good

First, terminals today mainly are located in major cities, meaning that customers, if they don’t live in that particular city, have to make the long drive to reach it. For many, this can be a huge detriment and inconvenience. Assuming you don’t have to find public transportation that can reach it or don’t have to pay the fee of taking a taxi, you will have to arrange someone to drive you to it so that you can pick-up your car. Talk about a pain!

Second, terminals are not the most secure places to store cars. They often have minimal security present, meaning that the car could be vulnerable to theft or damage from vandals. The last thing that you want is for something bad to happen to your vehicle while it’s at a terminal, including break-ins, leading to some of your personal items or even the stereo being stolen.

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