Shipping A Car Overseas From The USA

There’s plenty to consider when preparing to ship a vehicle overseas. Whether it’s a permanent move, a car show, or an international vacation, understanding your options and finding the best method to fit your needs will ensure that your experience is as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Air Freight.

Air Freight is usually the quickest way to get your car shipped internationally. While damage during transport is unusual with all methods, the comparatively short transit time with Air Freight means less opportunity for accidental damage to your car. Air Freight is, however, a more expensive means of shipment. If cost is a primary concern, container or RoRo shipping may be more attractive options.

Container Shipping

Container shipping can be a cost-effective method if you’re planning to ship multiple vehicles or if you plan to ship other items, such as furniture or household items, along with your car. Shipping containers also help to shield your vehicle from the elements, making this method particularly appealing to classic car owners and collectors.


RoRo, or Roll-on/Roll-off, is the simplest and often most cost effective way to ship a car overseas. In this method, your vehicle is driven onto a specially designed ship, travels to its destination port, and then is driven off the ship for direct pick-up or further ground transportation to its final destination. As the method’s name implies, cars that are shipped this way must be in good working order, unless specific arrangements have been made with the shipper.

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 Preparing Your Vehicle for Shipping

Once you’ve chosen your preferred shipping method, taking the following steps will help to ensure that your car is able to be quickly and efficient shipped without any unforeseen delays:

 Read up on the specific shipping regulations for your destination: Shipping restrictions can vary from country to country, and an unexpected violation could mean a huge headache once your car is in transit. Doing your research ahead of time could mean money and time saved down the road. Make sure to check in with your shipper to verify that all necessary documents are in order and ready at the time of shipping.

 Wash your car or have it professionally cleaned: Making sure your car is clean before transport will allow for the fairest inspection of the vehicle. Make note of any existing cosmetic flaws and take pictures if you can.

 Remove all personal items from your vehicle: Loose items inside the car or trunk can shift during transport, damaging the interior of your vehicle. Additionally, an automotive transporter’s insurance will only cover the vehicle itself, so any damage to personal items during transport will not be covered.

Check for mechanical issues: Issues affecting the drivability of your car can cause shipping delays. Make sure your battery is secure and fully charged, your tires are properly inflated, the emergency brake is in good working order, all fluids are topped off, and the gas tank is about a quarter full.

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