Shipping A Car Overseas From Florida

Having a car transported by boat to another country is seldom an easy and smooth process, but there are steps you can take to help tilt things in that direction. Part of the issue is that there are few people that understand the intricacies of shipping a car between countries and sadly, even some of the companies doing it professional don’t have a great handle on all the ins and outs sometimes.

One thing that you’ll find is consistent about having a vehicle shipped from the U.S. to another country is that you’ll first have to get it to a port that ships internationally. In the continental U.S. this usually means the east or west coast, with California and Florida having the most accessible ports. (It should be noted that there are other major ports different states as well.)

 Naturally, it depends on where you’re shipping from and where you’re going as to which port makes the most sense, but it generally falls into one of the coastal states full of sunshine and oranges. Naturally, it makes more sense to ship from Florida if you’re headed to Central America, Africa, or western Europe.

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 International Auto Transport & Florida Shipping Ports.

As we’ve established Florida has a great number of shipping ports to choose from in just about every corner of the state. You’d be hard pressed to find a state in the southeast that can rival the number of shipping ports in Florida and only a few major players in the maritime trade have more as far as U.S. states are concerned. Here is a listing of the major shipping ports in the state of Florida:

  • Port of Fort Pierce.
  • Port of Miami.
  • Port of Jacksonville.
  • Port Everglades.
  • Tampa Port Authority.
  • Port Canaveral.
  • Port of Key West.
  • Port of Pensacola.
  • Port of St. Petersburg.

Complexities of International Car Shipping.

Depending on the country you’re shipping your car to, the process can come with different levels of difficulty. Shipping a car to Canada from the U.S., for example, is going to be easier than shipping the same car to a country in the Middle East. It’s important to understand the various taxes and fees that apply, particularly if you need to make any adjustments to the vehicle.

Some countries have legal restrictions based on what type of vehicles can be imported. Some examples include cars that were manufactured before a certain date, those with too high of an engine displacement (we love horsepower here in the U.S.), and those that have opposite drive-side laws.  For more information on these laws and how they apply to international vehicles shipping, click here to view the guidelines from the World Forum for Harmonization of Vehicle Regulations.

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