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A suburb of the capital Asuncion, San Lorenzo is one of the most populated cities in Paraguay. It is situated in the Central District and the city is bordered by other cities namely Capiatá, Nemby, Fernando de la Mora, and Luque.

It will take a little longer route to ship the car to San Lorenzo as Paraguay is a land-locked country with no direct port. Thus, the car will be shipped to neighboring country of Argentina and then transported by truck to San Lorenzo. Additionally, as many rivers crisscross Paraguay, cars can be delivered to the River Parana port. However, you will need to work closely with an experienced international auto transport service, such as our company. At A1 Auto Transport service, we are familiar with the transport service in Paraguay and can ensure there are no snags in the delivery to San Lorenzo.

Ways to ship cars to Paraguay

Additionally, you can deliver your vehicle to the closest US port or ask us, as we offer pick-up and delivery services. With plenty of available ports along the coasts, we can mutually decide the most convenient way of picking and shipping your vehicle when you call us.

There are two prominent ways to ship your car to San Lorenzo. These are through container shipping and RORO. If you are looking at a cost effective way, Roll-on/Roll-Off method is the best. The car is driven on and secured for transit and then driven off at the port of delivery. You are not allowed to keep any personal belongings in it. Only ¼th tank of gas, spare tire, jack and a set of extra keys are allowed. However, if you are looking for exclusive and secure shipping, container shipping is preferred. The car is encapsulated in it along with any other personal belongings that you need to move. It si more expensive but the vehicle and other goods are safe from the elements of nature.

Importing the car to Paraguay

There are no specific restrictions on import of vehicles into the country and thus, shipping from US is easy. You will be required to pay the custom levies at the U.S port under the aegis of U.S. Customs and Border Protection Agency and vehicle has to pass the requirements of the Customs department in Paraguay. Some of the important documents needed by the customs include:

  • Owner’s passport and work permit details
  • Car insurance
  • Clear title deed
  • International license
  • Custom clearance
  • Bill of Lading

These documents will be verified at both the US customs and at the Paraguay customs to make sure that shipping is smooth. Our transport representatives will be with you at the Customs and will be of assistance and help you clear both the customs with ease. However, all documents need to be put together along with the copies. You can look up more information on the new laws and regulations at Paraguayan Embassy.

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