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As the largest city and capital of Burkina Faso, Ouagadougou is the focus of the nation as the commercial, telecommunication and cultural center. Most people move to Ouagadougou as they are returning citizens, or are on work permit. However, it is important to have a valid permit to stay or work in the country before you can import your vehicle. Despite the public transportation, having your personal vehicle is necessary for faster and safe commuting.

When you work with A1 Auto Transport service, we take care of getting the various permits and clearances so that you can enjoy driving your car in Ouagadougou.

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Pre-shipping inspection.

As per the government regulations, Burkina Faso only allows shipment of goods and vehicles that have been pre-screened at the originating ports. As you are importing to Ouagadougou from USA, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection will check the vehicle and associated goods that are to be shipped. The accompanying documents include:

  • Insurance certificate.
  • Owner’s passport.
  • Copies of Photo ID.
  • Original vehicle purchase invoice.
  • Title deed.
  • Car details- engine number model, year and brand.

There are no ports in Burkina Faso as it is a landlocked country and that is why the neighboring country’s ports are used. Niger, Ghana and Ivory Coast are some of the nations that receive the freight cargo bound for Burkina Faso. Well-connected with Ouagadougou through railway and roads, cargo is then transported to cities in Burkina Faso.

As per the specific import laws of Burkina Faso, it is essential to have the ECTN application which helps to get the Unique Registration number. This number has to be validated on the Bill Of Lading before you can ship your vehicle from USA. As per the Burkinabese Shippers Council (CBC) this is an important prerequisite of shipping to this country.

Apart from the shipping requirements, the cost of transporting your vehicle will depend upon the method of shipping that you choose. Container shipping is one of the preferred methods when you are moving on a long term basis and have household goods to move as well. Your car will be loaded and secured and then the remaining 20 feet or 40 feet container will be stocked with the household goods and then sealed. The container will be loaded onto the ship and unloaded at the last port of destination. This is more expensive method of shipping because of exclusivity and higher security that it provides.

The other most preferred method of shipping is Roll-on/Roll-Off (RORO). Your vehicle is driven on board the freight ship, harnessed in the bay and driven off at the preferred ports. You are not allowed to ship anything within the vehicle. As you only pay for the parking bay, it turns out to be the most affordable option.  Before you begin the process of shipping your vehicle from the domestic US port, it is best to get all the relevant information from the Embassy of Burkina Faso.

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