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Kousséri is located in the panoramic Far North district of Cameroon. It borders Chad and is located across the Chari River. Kousséri is the capital city of Logone-et-Chari Department.

Cameroon has been known for being a microcosm of Africa because of its geographical diversity such as the rainforests as well as the deserts. The official language in Cameroon is both French and English.  This makes communication easier and when you work with A1 Auto Transport Service, we can assist you in placing your vehicle in the right ports and deliver it to Cameroon as instructed.

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Working to get the vehicle imported.

A1 Auto Import Service has connections with Cameroon Customs Department so you don’t need to pay additional fees that could easily arise otherwise. We have the experience in dealing with authorities in Cameroon so you are not delayed any more than you have to be. Additionally, we will be with you through the process, including navigating through the communication barriers and the clearances to ensure there is no hassle to you. You need to be aware of the fact that Cameroon is not very quick at processing shipment arrivals as they come in, so you can expect all types of delays. This process can cause delays which are due to corruption and all around inefficiency.

Requirements for shipping.

It is essential that all documentation for proving your ownership and validating the auto import is available with A1 Auto Transport agents so that there is no delay on our part. In order to successfully import your vehicle, you will need to provide the following documents:

  • Proof of Ownership.
  • Proof of Insurance.
  • Purchase Invoice with information on price, date, and location.
  • Certificate of Registration.
  • The final destination of where your vehicle is going.
  • Receipts for all the taxes and duties you have paid for your import.

 Freight shipment to Kousséri.

It’s not always easy to ship a car to Cameroon from the USA, so A1 Auto Transport will be your best bet when it comes to a smooth transaction. You have some shipping options:

Roll On/Roll Off: This type of shipping option is the most selected option because it is the cheapest way to ship. Your vehicle will be loaded on to the deck of the ship while at a port in the United States. It will be parked into a bay where it will be harnessed during transport. Once it reaches the port in Cameroon, your vehicle will be driven off the deck of the ship and into the hands of customs.

Container shipping: This type of shipping option is great if you want to send over a luxury vehicle or if you want to pack personal belongings along with your car, so you can have everything at once. Your automobile will be loaded into the container while at a port in the United States. You will then be able to place personal items inside the container before it is sealed shut and loaded onto the deck of the ship. Once it arrives in Cameroon, you will want A1 Auto Transport Service to be there to help you claim your vehicle from customs.

There are multiple ports available to ship to Cameroon and Garoua is the largest and most secure port to choose from. You will need to have customs clearance release your vehicle before you can take it. A1 Auto Transport Service can assist you with the arrangements so your vehicle will be safe and you will know where it’s at all the time.

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