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The third largest city in Algeria, Constantine is nearly 50 miles from the coat of the Mediterranean Sea by the banks of the panoramic Rhumel River. With a plethora of bridges dotting the mountains over which the city lies, it is also known as the ‘city of bridges’.

If you intend staying in Constantine on a short term or a long term period, having your own vehicle can be of advantage as there is higher demand and low supply of personal vehicles.  However, importing cars from United States to Algeria is not as easy today as it used to be. While the cars produced within Algeria are eligible for exemptions in taxes the same no longer applies to imported vehicles.

However, if you prefer having your own personal vehicle as an expatriate in Constantine, it is bets to team with an international car shipping service like A1 Auto Transport service and we will ensure that your car is delivered safely. However, there are a few custom fees and taxes that you will need to consider before you are able to drive your car.  Automobile duties are quite high as there is a 15% tariff for motor vehicles and 17% VAT charged on all types of vehicles.

Document requirements

People wishing to import vehicles from foreign countries to Algeria need to compile and submit certain relevant documents to the authorities when the vehicle arrives. These are:

  • Original vehicle registration and title
  • Original invoice of purchase
  • Import license required for non-citizens
  • Non-sale certificate in French (3 copies required)

Ensuring safety on the roads

In Constantine, All the imported cars should comply with regulations relating to emissions, safety, and quality. This requirement is for ensuring road safety of the vehicle. Manufacturers also need to provide the after-sales services besides ensuring the availability of associated parts in Algeria. Any requested part should be available to the consumer within 30 days of making the request.

Other rule considerations

Only migrant returning workers and war veterans as can import cars into the country as private citizens. Non-citizens and foreign companies are allowed to import vehicles only after paying higher duties and tariffs than Algerian citizens. These cars should be of 3 years or less when imported. Additionally, these vehicles remain subject to strict standards of inspection.

Driving in Algeria

The road conditions drastically differ from USA as most of the cities lack roadway signs, unskilled drivers and poorly maintained roads that are a leading cause of road accidents. It is common to encounter police and military check posts on major roads in the city and on the outskirts of Constantine, as with other cities. The traffic intersections lack traffic lights and are maintained by police. In case you intend traveling to the southern regions, you will need a government permit and vehicle inspections. To know more about it, please contact the Embassy of Algeria.

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