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Often times, when motorcyclists move to North Carolina, they dream of the drawn-out winding roads along the coastlines and beaches. The state is full of natural beauty and any motorcyclist will certainly admire all that the City of Raleigh has to offer. Motorcyclists are better off having their bike transported to Raleigh than they would be riding it all the way there, if they are moving from another state.

The Benefits of Motorcycle Transport

Motorcycle transport is more beneficial than trying to transport it there yourself. Many people agree with this, which is why they might be so quick to find a reliable transporting company in Raleigh. Some of the reasons why transporting the motorcycle can be more beneficial can be found below.

  • It saves the bike from accumulating more mileage.
  • If you need to bring along belongings, finding an alternative method of transportation might be best. You can’t take much with you on a motorcycle.
  • North Carolina has a beautiful coastline which will make any bike rider envious. Transporting your motorcycle there will be worth while.
  • You will save the bike from any possible damage that might occur while riding it across state lines. Shipping it is a safer method of transport for such long distances.

What Method of Shipping is Best?

Considering that Raleigh has a warmer climate, and it barely receives any snowfall during the winter months, transporting it there is quite safe. You will have many transport options for your motorcycle. It will heavily depend on your budget and what method you prefer most for the bike.

Open air shipping is a great option for shorter distances. The bike will be transported on an open flatbed trailer. Now, this is a cheaper method of transport due to the fact that the motorcycle is left open to all elements. Many transport companies will offer insurance during the shipping process. Make sure to purchase insurance if it is made available.

Enclosed and crated shipping methods are safer options. The motorcycle is enclosed in a container for its transport. Crated shipping will require quite a bit of preparation. Make sure to ask the transport company in Raleigh what you should do to prepare the bike for transport.

Transport Companies near Raleigh, NC

River Auto Transport Company

5540 Centerview Dr.

Raleigh, NC 27606

(919) 799-2968

Leaf Car Carrier & Auto Transport

5959 Triangle Town Blvd.

Raleigh, NC 27616

Auto Transport Management

800 E. Stanley St.

Four Oaks, NC 27524

(919) 628-1074

American Auto Care and Transport

148 E. Main St.

Youngsville, NC 27596

(919) 556-5301

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