Outdoor Additions: Pool, Patio, Shed, Gazebo, Car Port

Outdoor Additions: Pool, Patio, Shed, Gazebo, Car Port

Building the home of your dreams takes years. It is not just about building the main house but also other structures and items that separate a home from a mere house. Once the professional movers get the home owner settled into their new home and they leave; the owner is free to start making improvements.



Some of the common additions include;

Swimming pool

A swimming pool is one of the best outdoor additions you can have in home if you have the space and the money to construct one. Not only is it useful for cooling and exercising but it also raises the value of your home significantly. Moving into a house that has a pool is a good idea since it provides a place for the family to spend time together and bond.


A patio is a beautiful extension to your house and it can either be constructed on the front or the back of the house. It is a great way to utilize the extra space outside the house and build a place where people can relax outdoors when it’s hot or even entertain guests. Work with professionals to settle on the right accessories and furniture for this space.

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The best thing about building your own home is that you can do almost anything including farming and welding. A shed comes in very handy when you have a big harvest of food, equipment and other farm stuff. There are several types of sheds including garden sheds, barns, utility sheds and children playhouse shed. This simple structure is built to protect your items from pests and the elements for the long term and also keep things safe from thieves. It is a good place to store outdoor stuff.


A gazebo is a simple structure built a few meters from the main house and decorated with flowers and other accessories. Most gazebos have a very high deck that make the people in that platform feel special and adorned. A gazebo can be used for wedding, funeral, graduation and any other event you may have or you can just use the place to relax and unwind.

Car port

Most garages can only fit a maximum of two small cars. If you happen to have a big truck, tractor, boat or even a lorry, the best shelter would be a car port. Car ports are incredibly easy to build and you can even buy a ready-made one. It provides shade and protection from the elements. You can dig foundation and pour concrete on the carport or you can just choose a place with level ground and rise up the structure without concrete.

Just like building the main house, it is very critical that you hire professionals who will be able to construct outdoor additions that will last. It’s also good to have in mind all the additions you want so you can divide the outdoor space accordingly as some structures are expensive to build and permanent.


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