How To Ship Your La Salle 

Are you looking to move across the country with your classic La Salle?  You will likely want to consider a car transport company to move the vehicle to the new home. Here are some important things to keep in mind before going into the market to begin the search.

Rules and regulations

The car shipping industry operates under certain rules and regulations. The US Department of Transport and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration monitor the activities of these carriers and make sure they follow the set rules and regulations. This means one of the easiest ways of accessing company profiles is through the websites of these regulatory organizations. This can be extremely helpful in determining whether an organization is truly as reliable as it claims. Look for insurance and licensing details, as well as any disciplinary action that might have been taken against the company.

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You will likely be wondering what the cost of the different types of services offered by the companies are one of the first things new clients ask for from their car shipping companies are quotations. However, one must keep in mind that quotes change with time. The rates are different depending on the cost of fuel, the weight and size of the car, the routes were taken and the drivers available. When one asks for quotes, it might be helpful to ask the company how long the quotes will be good for, and how often they change.

Different types of services

First timers will likely not understand everything involved in the car shipping process. There are different shipment options available. It is often said that the only similarity between car shipping companies is that they move vehicles from one point to the next.Apart from that, most of them are fundamentally different, each with its own niche. The two major categories are dependent on the types of carriers, and the number of vehicles carried by every carrier.

There are open and closed carriers, as well as single and multi-carriers. The open carriers can either carry one or multiple vehicles, with some ferrying up to ten at a time. The enclosed carriers are typically more expensive but offer additional protection and exclusivity, ideal for a vintage car. If you are looking to ship just the ordinary sedan, or are a dealership looking to transport several vehicles, then the best bet is an open carrier.


A lot needs to be done before the shipping process begins. First, it is important to read through the contract, including the fine print, before making a commitment. Another important pre-shipping exercise is the car inspection. Make sure the vehicle is in the condition the inspection report says, before signing the insurance agreement. Make sure you remove all the luggage and the clutter in the vehicle. These often increase the weight of the vehicle and might result in higher transportation costs. Items in the car might also lead to damage during transportation. In some instances, authorities might find vehicles that are found to be carrying luggage in cars, or that exceed a certain weight limit.

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