How To Load Plants Safely Into The Truck

How To Load Plants Safely Into The Truck

When it comes to moving, live plants can pose a real challenge because they cannot just be thrown into a box and sealed like everything else. Special care has to be taken to ensure they arrive safely in the new house and continue to thrive despite the move.



Here are some tips on how to load plants safely into the truck:

Prepare the plant

Loading the plant safely will not matter if you don’t prepare the plant well before hand for transportation. A few days before the move, clean up the plant from any dirt, weeds and pests. You can also prune it if it’s too large and decide to make cuttings instead of carrying the whole plant. Water the plant every day except the day of the move because you don’t want water dripping down the box and running everything.

Cardboard boxes

  • Assuming the plants are already in their respective pots, place a plastic bag over the pot before placing it in a cardboard box or milk crate. A box will protect the plants from tipping over during the move and also protect the bark from getting scratched by anything else.
  • However, one has to prepare the boxes before placing the plant. Line up the box well to protect it from moisture coming from the plant and provide enough cushioning inside there to keep the plant from moving around.
  • You must also tape the bottom of the box well before placing the plant to ensure that it won’t come apart when you lift it up.
  • If you will be travelling from a while, make some holes on the side of the boxes to allow air and light into the plant and label the boxes accordingly.

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Load them last

Just like fragile boxes, live plants should be loaded last so they are safer and to ensure they come out first. If you put them into the truck first, chances are that they will get squashed by other boxes and lack sufficient air to survive. Do also ensure you make it possible for the plant to receive some ventilation by opening the truck during rest stops for air to get in. Never let the plant stay overnight in the truck and if possible handle the loading yourself.

Winter protection

If you are moving during winter, your house plants may not be able to withstand the extreme temperature change. Wrap the plant well with newspaper before loading it in the box and close the box well. If you can, pack the plants from your garage instead of taking them out to the cold weather.

The best way to move your plants is to take them with you in the car instead of loading them in the truck. However, if you don’t have that option, the above tips will help to keep your plants safe. Be sure to check the location’s policy regarding plants transportation because some states don’t allow certain plants to be moved there.

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