How to Calculate Truck Shipping Costs

The shipping costs to have your truck delivered are determined by several varying factors. However, no matter how you look at it, the cost of shipping a truck through professionals is much less expensive than driving the truck to its destination or renting the proper equipment to transport it alone. Based on the information you provide to the shipping company, they’ll be able to calculate a rough estimate on what the cost of your truck’s transport will total to.

How to Calculate Truck Shipping Costs

It’s necessary to provide the transport company with the requested information before you can truly receive a quote for shipping services. Below, you’ll find some of the information you’ll likely need to tell the transport company.

  • The addresses to the pickup location and drop off location, so they can calculate the miles it’ll take to travel between the two places
  • The truck’s make and model
  • The current condition of the truck and any modifications it might have
  • The shipping services you would like to purchase or how you would like the truck delivered

Aside from the information asked from you, the transport company will take other details into consideration while coming up with your cost of the transport. The time of year, a price of fuel and the cost of miles will all affect your total cost as well. Currently, truck shipping cost per mile is around $2 but increases towards the East Coast. This cost changes frequently and is different with each truck shipping company.

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Ask About Insurance and Discounts.

Most auto transport companies will cover the vehicles in their care for the shipping process under their insurance policy. This is actually mandatory so if a transporter doesn’t offer insurance coverage, keep searching for the right truck shipping company to deliver your truck. Although your vehicle is in the hands of professionals, insurance is extremely important. It’ll cover any repairs or replacements if something goes awry during the transport.

Always ask the shipping company if they have any discounts you might qualify for. Students, military personnel, and even senior citizens can take advantage of these discounts if they’re offered through the transporter. Some transport companies will have times of the year where they lower their rates due to cold weather or behavior of the season.

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