How Much Does It Cost to Ship a Car to Laos and Is It Worth the Price?

Nearly everyone new to using international shipping services believes that the cost of shipping will end up too pricey for their budget.  Delivering a vehicle through a certified shipping company is less costly than it would be to ship the car to Laos using any other possible form of delivery.

Your auto shipping options are available at low, affordable rates and are said to be a very cost effective service.

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Learn about the Least Expensive, Most Favored Shipping Method.

It isn’t usually wise to purchase a service because it’s lower in price than any comparable service. The cheapest way to deliver a car through overseas shipping companies is using the RO/RO method. Even as an open-air service, this transport method is very reliable. However, transporters recommend this form of shipping to those who need several vehicles delivered to the same place. They also suggest it to those with shorter delivery distances.

To prepare the car for its transport to Laos using the RO/RO method, everything inside must come out if it isn’t part of the car. Wash the outside and clean the inside of the vehicle. Document any damages you notice and take pictures. Finally, top off all fluids and the tire pressure. The fuel is the only fluid that doesn’t have to be topped off. Only leave the gas tank about ¼ full.

Import Taxes and Duties for Laos.

Every country has its own rates and percentages for the taxes and duties they charge to those importing goods. As for Laos, they have slightly higher tax rates. Those shipping a car into the country will have to pay a 5-40% duty rate, a 10% VAT based on the CIF value and other taxes. An excise tax might also apply. The Embassy of Laos will fill you in on the rates for duties and taxes on your car if you wish to find out exactly what you must pay before getting granted approval for import through Customs.

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