Getting The Best Car Shipment Rates

Everyone thinks that getting a cheap deal is worthwhile but that is not always the case.  It is a known fact that custom-made car shipment services are a better bet but what if you can have your cake and eat it as well?  So the best deal is to get custom-made services at the cheapest rate.  So here are a few tips to get what you want at the price you never dreamed of getting.

  1. Compromise on Time of Shipment – The idea is to compromise somewhere and the best place to start is the time of year.  Shipping your car during the slow business months can get you a great deal without you having to compromise on services.  Also, try to be flexible with the dates as sometimes a day or so late may put a better offer on your plate. 
  2. Choose Depot to Depot – While door-to-door delivery may be very convenient, you can compromise and get depot-to-depot or even a combination of depot-to-door or vice versa.  This will work really well especially if your car is in drivable condition.  Sometimes bigger vehicles will have trouble maneuvering in small places and the company will have to arrange a smaller truck to get to the destination, at an extra cost of course.  So when you pick the car up from a depot, you can have the satisfaction of having your car delivered early and get a few extra dollars in your pocket.  However, take care that you have your car picked up on time as the terminals charge a lot for storing your vehicle. 
  3. Feel Free to Change – You have the prerogative to change companies if you are not happy with their rates.  Most companies give free quotes these days which help the customer to make wise and cheaper choices.  However, make sure that all the services that you need are covered within the quote or else you will still end up paying more.  Also, make it a point to read the fine print before signing the agreement form as there might be something in it that could make your pocket lighter.
  4. Having a Sharp Lookout – The internet is a great place to look out for discount coupons, loyalty points, and offers.  So if you are in a job that requires you to move places a lot, then stick with a company that gives you loyalty points.   If time is on your side, you can start browsing months ahead to find a great deal.  Also if you book months ahead, you can end up saving a few hundred dollars.
  5. Connect With Brokers – Brokers will have access to many different companies and therefore, to many types networks.  So they will be able to put you onto a network that drives through your route on a regular basis.   This will work out cheaper as custom-made routes will be more expensive and that is what you might get if you are contacting a company which does not normally do your route.  Also, brokers are the best people to get you the exact kind of vehicle that you need for shipment and will also be able to provide excellent customer service should you need it. 

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A little effort goes a long way in getting a better deal and that is what we all want.

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