Auto Transport on the Precipice?

Just days ago, a car carrier full of cross-over vehicles was involved in an accident that almost sent the cargo off the edge of a tall bridge in China.  The truck’s driver somehow managed to swerve off the road, only saved from mortal danger by the weight of the vehicles holding the truck in place.  This close call is just one of the many reasons that drivers must remain vigilant at all times, especially commercial drivers such as this one.  Thank goodness the driver escaped unharmed, and there was minimal damage to all the vehicles on board as well.  The transport truck, however, was another matter.  And the costs involved to right this wrong were nearly insurmountable.

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When shipping a vehicle, it is always important to check the company’s shipping record before agreeing to any contract.  Although there is no planning for freak accidents or acts of God, it is telling if a company routinely employs drivers with a less than stellar track record.  Although minimal information has been released regarding this particular driver, judging by this predicament alone, I would not recommend enlisting this auto shipping company for future transport.  It is truly a miracle that the 20+ vehicles in transport suffered only cosmetic damage when involved in an accident of this magnitude.

Keep in mind that the most expensive car transport company is not necessarily the best, and conversely, the most affordable is not always the worst.  Shop reputable companies and compare quotes before making a decision on who to go with when entrusting your vehicle into another’s care.  Make the right decision and you won’t have to worry about receiving the call that your vehicle has been “hung up” with a completely unprecedented accident such as this one.  Chinese police were forced to divert traffic into the remaining two unaffected lanes, causing the flow of traffic to come to a stand-still for hours on end, while the carrier rescue was underway.  In any case, it’s safe to say, that as lucky as the driver was to escape with his life, job security from this point on will be almost definitely non-existent.

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