Why Open Car Transport is Safe

Many people tend to think that enclosed auto transport is the far safer option compared to open car transport, but that’s not necessarily the case.

Open car transport actually has an unfair reputation, even though it’s much safer than it seems to be. Enclosed auto transport does have its benefits, no doubt about it, but open car transport is also a viable option for many people. And here are some of the reasons why it’s actually a safe option:

Auto Transport Trailers Protect Your Vehicle 

Auto transport open trailers are built in a way so that your vehicle is protected. It’ll be exposed to the elements of the road and the weather, including snow, sleet, and hail, but this is similar to if you were actually driving the vehicle on your own. The amount of beams and bars that surround your vehicle will deflect many objects as well. Plus, remember that with open car transport, your vehicle will not have any wear and tear placed on it. This is especially notable if your car has to be transported a long distance, such as across the country. There won’t be any miles added to it, and the tires won’t get worn down either.

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Your Car Will Be Secure

Your car will be securely placed in the open car trailer, in which it will be chained down and/or locked in. The possibility of theft occurring is slim to none, and a good auto transport company will take every precaution possible to make sure that no one but the driver or other authorized individuals has access to your vehicle. Auto transport drivers, even when they pull over at a rest area, are trained to make sure that everything is locked and secured at all times.

Insurance Will Cover Any Damages

If your vehicle does get damaged in some way through no fault of your own, the insurance that auto transport companies provide should cover the costs. Make sure to take pictures of your vehicle from multiple angles before it’s shipped. In addition, make sure to ask the auto transport company about the insurance that they offer, including being specific about what it does and does not cover.

Some Important Considerations

Regardless of how safe open car transport is, enclosed transport is recommended if your vehicle is:

  • An antique;
  • A luxury vehicle;
  • A classic car;
  • Particularly sentimental.

Enclosed car transport does cost more, but if your vehicle fits into any of the above categories, it’s probably the safer bet. Regardless, open car transport is an extremely safe option, and thousands and thousands of customers choose it every year without incident.

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