Understanding Pricing: How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Car?

One of the biggest challenges in determining the cost of shipping a car is that there are several factors involved, some of which can drastically affect the price.

While it may not cost much to ship a car from New York to Pennsylvania, the same car going from New York to California will cost significantly more due to the associated costs and labor.

As you might expect, distance is the primary indicator of cost when it comes to transporting any vehicle and this can be affected by fuel prices, among other things. Depending on the company, certain times of year can be cheaper to ship during than others as well, particularly if it’s a popular transport route. A good example of this would be snowbirds on the East Coast that spend their winters in warmer climates like Florida.

Though it’s more of a secondary factor in terms of cost, the method of shipment and delivery also plays a role. For example, you can opt for door-to-door car shipping, which delivers your vehicle directly to a specific location. This carries an additional fee that is not assessed when the car is dropped off at a shipping terminal (where the customer has to retrieve it).

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Factors That Affect The Price Of Shipping A Car.

Size/dimensions – When it comes to shipping a car, the size and dimensions definitely affect the total cost. For one, some cars may be too wide to fit into a shipping container, which means they must be transported by the RORO method which secures the cars in the cargo deck of the transport ship. Another consideration is the weight of the car, often referred to as “curb weight” for shipping purposes. As with other cargo, the heavier it is, the more it will likely cost.

Distance being shipped – This one is fairly straightforward. The further you ship a car, the more it will cost, although the per-mile rate generally gets cheaper the longer the shipment. If you’re shipping a car to another country, this becomes more of a factor since greater distances are involved.

Where it’s being shipped – This ties into the distance the car is being transported, particularly within the continental U.S., but it’s more of a factor with international car shipping. More distance equals more expensive, but the taxes and duties in some countries can run as much or more than the cost to ship the car. Because this is the case, and since it varies from country to country, it’s important to have an understanding of the taxes and limitations for the country you’re considering shipping too.

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